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The Fox Union V2.0
Fox Union Gallery

Colored using colored pencils


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Welcome to the Fox Union Gallery.

Here you will find my drawings and images that I have created.

NOTE: All characters and drawings are original creations of Chad E. Kobylenski.

Any similarity to any existing characters is purely co-incidental.

Who says foxes and mice can't get along.
Todd and Melissa seem to get along just fine!
NOTE: This scan didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted it to.


This is Midnight Star (that's her name), She is said to be of a species of foxes that patrols the universe and helps to fight of evil presences (in other words, she's my equivalent of a Super Saiyan!)

Daisy May

This is Daisy May, she is a field mouse who happens to be a farmer. She's my equivalent of Mary Anne Summers (from Gilligan's Island)...only Daisy May isn't marooned on a desert island with a blowhard (the Skipper), a blonde bimbo (Ginger), a Vince McMahon wannabe (Thurston Howell III), the wife of said Vince McMahon wannabe (Mrs. Howell), a Ben Stein wannabe (the Professor)...although he would sound a lot better than Ben, and last but not least a dumb ass (Gilligan)... If he were to apply at DUMASS & DUMASS (Pronounced Dumas & Dumas) he would probably say DUMASS (pronounced dumb ass!)...WHEW!!!


This is Bethany Fox.
This is the first drawing that I've done with the new proposed fox design.


Who says that you have to be a fox ro attend Fox Valley High!
Heather is a wolf cheerleader.
To learn more about Fox Valley High, click on the Fox Valley High page.


Katrina having a good time on the beach.

Royal Beach

One of Mike's teammates (Martin Wayne) with his fiancee under the boardwalk at Royal Beach

NOTE: I am aware that parts of this picture are slightly slanted.