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The Fox Union V2.0
The Colors of Vulpes

How color determines personality.


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Red: "Normal" fox (No special abilities)
Golden: Human-Friendly fox (see the Golden Fox Legend*)
Pink: (all female) the sweethearts of the fox world.
Mountain (Purple): (all female) Capable of living in mountain areas.
Silver (rare): Same as Golden Fox.
Arctic Fox (white): Capable of living in snow and cold comfortably (also human-friendly...especially in the winter.)
Blue (very rare): Warrior fox (Human-friendly, mostly female)


WARNING: Do not mistake a rat for a mouse
Tail w/out segments = mouse (safe)
Tail with segments = rat (DANGER!...find a golden fox right away!)**

White: Human-friendly (Guaranteed to be least to humans and all other species, all female)
Pink: The family planner (unless you want dozens of children...avoid this mouse!, all female)
Tan: Field Mouse (Hard-working)
Brown: "Normal" Mouse (No special abilities)
Gray: also "Normal" (No special abilities)


Gray: Timberwolf (Don't be surprised if they're wearing Minnesota Timberwolves gear!)
Tan: Half-wolf, Half-Coyote (usually)
Brown: Same as tan.
Red: (mostly female) The ladies and gentlemen of the lupine lineage.
Pink: (all female) Sweethearts of the lupine lineage.
White: Some are Arctic wolves (males), Most are human-friendly wolves (females).
Silver (rare): Unknown
Black (very rare): Unknown (probably a variation of the Timberwolf.)

Note: This list is pretty much the same for coyotes as well.


In the case of pandas, there are three different colors...Black (about 85% of the population), pink (about 10% of the population) and purple (about 5% of the population.) None of these colors have any color-specific traits attached.



White: "Pure" (very popular with young male foxes.)
Black: Despite popular cats do not bring bad luck (at least not these ones)
Striped (a la Garfield): "Normal"
Spotted: also "Normal"


Lioness: Hard-working (usually seeks golden foxes)
Cheetah: Least tame of the group (Friendly towards humans however, may act a little wild at times.)
Tigress (rare): Unknown
Panther: Most tame of the group (Human-friendly and relatively tame towards humans.)

*: Go to the Fox Union Stories.
**: Fortunately, your odds of encountering a rat are lower than your odds of winning Powerball and then getting struck by lightning on the way to claim the prize.