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The Fox Union V2.0
Biography Section III

Michelle Mason and her newborn pups

This 2-part story is Rated PG
Due to some suggestive material.


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Michelle and her newborn pups

Recently, Michelle Mason finally had her first pups. Their names are Todd and Melissa (named after her parents). Michelle had to go through a lot to have them though. Michelle had to travel to Earth to find a suitable mate. But when she found him, she found a real sweetheart.

Most of Michelle's dates both on Vulpes and on Earth were scared off because of her brother because they thought that if they so much as touched Michelle that he would beat the dickens out of them! Of course, in reality, Mike is not like that. He loves and strongly defends his twin sister, however as long as they didn't do anything to hurt her, he wouldn't do anything to hurt Michelle's mates.

When Michelle finally found her mate on Earth, he was so anxious when they first met that while they were on the bus to head back to the airport that he wanted to wrap her tail around him because he wanted to see what a fox felt like. Michelle didn't mind, and she let him. Michelle's fur was soft and warm. Michelle was so happy that she had finally found someone to share her love with.

After they had returned to Vulpes, Michelle took him to meet her brother so that Mike can see who his sister had found to be her mate. (Certain Golden Foxes can sense whether or not a human is sincere or "evil", Mike is one of these foxes.) When he met Michelle's mate he determined that he was indeed sincere and he would not let anything hold him from being with his sister.

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