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The Fox Union V2.0
Fox Valley High

The most popular High School for young foxes


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Fox Valley High is were a lot of the teenage foxes (and other species) go to receive an education. Fox Valley High is located in the city of Fox Valley, however most of the student population comes from other locations. The school itself is operated like a state university or other college would work. Students choose their the field that they would like to go into and their schedules are adjusted to fit that program.

The campus is very large (It is about the size of the Mall of America). Most of the students that attend FVH are foxes since about 50% of the population of the island that FVH is on (Mason Island) are foxes. However, other species can attend if they want and in fact are encouraged to attend to create a more diverse enviroment.

Unlike some people in the human society, all of the citizens of Vulpes tend to get along very well with each other. Regardless of species.