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The Fox Union V2.0
Fox/Human Relationships II

Human to Fox Metamorphisis


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Some humans that live on Vulpes are part fox, and when certain situations occur, the fox genes will take over and gradually turn the human into a fox.

Here's what usually happens.
(95% of the time it's the male humans that turn into foxes.)

When a male human and a female fox mate and if the human is part fox. When the human comes into contact with fox genes, about 50% of the time, the human will gradually turn into a fox.

The process of Metamorphisis

> Internal organs change first (The body's nutritional needs will change considerably.)
> The sex organs change next to that of a fox.
> Other external organs will change next (Human ears will disappear and fox ears will develop, the nose will become like a muzzle.
> Canine teeth will lengthen and sharpen, A tail bud will form.
> And finally fox fur will begin to grow all over the body.

After anywhere from 12 to 72 hours after mating with a fox, the human will be transformed into a fox.

What do the foxes think of it?

Female Foxes: They usually like the change, they would much rather have a male fox than a male human. However, the females like it when the humans use their warm, soft fur to cuddle with.

Male Foxes (in general): They usually are O.K. with the changes. Male foxes tend to have more of a sibling-like relationship with the new foxes. They become like a big brother to the new foxes.

Male Foxes (whose mate has turned into a fox.): This is rare, because out of all cases of fox metamorphisis, only 5% involve female humans. However, in the rare circumstances that it does happen, the male foxes love the change. The new female foxes will produce more offspring for them (usually not in the first litter, but each successive litter the changes will become more evident.

Coming soon, the story of how Michelle's mate has turned into a fox.