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The Fox Union V2.0
Biography Section IV

Continued from Biography Section III


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For the next few weeks the couple began to grow closer together. They would do things together, and Michelle would often dress in just a bathing suit and let him snuggle in her warm, soft, sweet-smelling fur*. To a human, a vixen's fur is very soft and warm. And it contains a special pheromone that attracts human males to snuggle and/or mate with them (Vixens overall tend to have a crush on the human males.)

About 2 months after they met, Michelle had told her mate that she would like to start a family with him. But before they could mate, he would have to learn how to mate with a vixen. For the next 4 weeks he attended classes on how to mate with Michelle, he learned how a vixen's body worked and how to have the most children possible. Once he had completed the classes, Michelle was ready to become a mother and in just a few days, Michelle was awaiting the arrival of her first litter.

For the next 7 weeks, Michelle's mate provided Michelle with all of the love that she would need. He would often place his hand on Michelle's belly and gently rub it. Michelle loved when he did this because she knew that her children could feel it too and while they grew inside Michelle they had bonded with not only their mother but with their father as well**.

After 7 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, Michelle went into labor and was rushed to the hospital, Michelle was in great pain (usually, a vixen...even a first-time mother feels little or no pain while in labor.) For his safety, Michelle's mate was told to wait in the waiting room (even though Michelle loved him dearly and wanted him by her side when she brought the children into the world, The doctors and nurses were afraid that something could happen to him.***)

After about 4 hours of intense labor pains and great physical stress, Michelle had brought her first litter into the world. When the pups were born it became evident why Michelle was in so much pain. Her pups were brought into the world the same way that she and her brother were born. They didn't want to let go of each other...they had bonded together in the womb. After the children were born, their father was let in to see them for the first time. They instantly recognized him and they both gave him nuzzle-kisses****. Michelle had promised her parents that she would name her first-born male and female after them. She also promised that her mate will get to name their next litter. For Michelle, her life as a loving mother is just beginning.

More to come soon...

*: Unlike actual foxes, Vulpine foxes have pleasant smells to humans.
**: Young pups who are still inside their mother's body can sense their father's touch and can recognize their father regardless of species.
***: Tragically, some vixens have accidentally injured their mates when they are in pain. They don't mean any harm. They just can't control the pain. Once a human male was accidentally killed when his mate was giving birth to 10 pups...those pups had to grow up without their biological father. And the vixen lost the human who always snuggled in her warm fur, rubbed her belly while she was pregnant, and gave her their only litter of pups. Tragically, she committed suicide after 4 years of living with the pain of accidentally killing her mate. :(
****: A nuzzle-kiss is similar to an eskimo kiss.