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The Fox Union V2.0
Fox Generations

The evolution of the fox.


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There are now 4 different generations of the fox based on certain physical traits. A new generation of foxes has just been discovered living on one of the lesser known islands south of Mason Island (more info to come)

1st Generation (about 2/3 of the total fox population)
Example: Michael A. Mason

Physical Appearance
Black-Tipped Ears
Shorter Canine Teeth (usually not visible in pictures)

Tolerance towards humans: both sexes are very tolerable to humans and would be willing to accept a human as a potential mate (that is, if the human doesn't faint first!)

2nd Generation (About 30% of the fox population)
Example: Penelope Fox Mason

Physical Appearance
Black Ears
Part of the arms and legs are brown colored
Longer Canine Teeth (visible in most pictures)

Tolerance toward humans: In most cases, they are tolerable towards humans. Some of the foxes however, prefer to hang around with other foxes.

3rd Generation (less than 2% of the total fox population)
Example: None at the moment.

Physical Traits
Peach-Colored ears
Partial Peach-Colored arms & legs
Longer Canine Teeth (visible in most pictures)

Tolerance towards humans: Humans find them cute, however most of this generation prefers other foxes.

NOTE: About 70% of this generation is female.

4th Generation (estimated to be anywhere from 1500 to 2000 total)
Example: None yet, but coming soon

Physical Traits (Combinations of 1st and 2nd generations
Black-Tipped ears (like 1st Generation)
Partial Black-colored arms and legs (like 2nd Generation)
Shorter Canine Teeth (like 1st generation)

Tolerance towards humans: Unknown

Note about the tolerance level ratings: These are based on how much the foxes would prefer a human for a mate.

ALL FOXES ARE HIGHLY RESPECTABLE TOWARDS HUMANS. EVEN IF THEY PREFER THEIR OWN KIND OVER HUMANS. Besides, all of the foxes have anywhere between 1/3 to 2/3 human DNA.