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The Fox Union V2.0
It's not just for foxes anymore!!!

Welcome to Vulpes (Planet of the Foxes)


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History of the planet

At about the same time as our planet was being born, on the other side of our galaxy, there was another solar system which was similar to ours. The 3rd planet from the central star was a violent place with volcanoes and earthquakes and massive destruction left and right. This continued for 1 billion years. and then, just like that...poof!, life had begun. The planet grew in a fashion similar to earth until one day about 3 million years ago, a comet the size of the state of Iowa slammed into the planet and vaporized everything on it (well, almost).

Vulpes Reborn!

Out of the ashes of the global catastophe, came a new beginning. By some twist of fate the DNA of every living thing that was on Vulpes survived the blast. All the DNA recombined with the rest of the DNA. However, not all the DNA properly realigned. Some of the human DNA recombined with the DNA of other mammals (I.E: foxes, mice, wolves, etc.), the end result was what you will see here in the website.

Planet Vulpes Fact Sheet

Size of the planet: approximately 2x the size of the earth
Distance from central star: about 94 million miles from Vulpes.
Global Population: about 10,000,000,000
Consisting of: Foxes, Mice, Wolves, Coyotes, Pandas (female only species on Vulpes), Felines (both domestic and wild, also female only.), Humans (mainly visitors from earth through a private travel agency, a few however are native to Vulpes.), and a few squirrels (recent arrivals from a nearby planet.)