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The Fox Union V2.0
Fox & Mouse Relationships

Welcome to a place where they can all get along!


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Mindy and Sterling

How Foxes and Mice got along with each other.
About 2500 years ago.  Foxes and Mice lived in different parts of the planet and didn't even know about each other.  Then the rats came into where the Mice were living and drove them out of their land.  After about 10 years of searching for a place to live,  they entered fox territory.  The mice got nervous and they didn't know what would happen in this strange land.  About 2 weeks later they came to a rather large village in the middle of the fox territory.  By now the mice had grown weak and hungry.  The foxes in the village didn't understand what was going on, but they took them into their village and nursed the mice back to health.  A few days later, the leader came back to the village from a hunt for food.  The leader was one of the first golden foxes.  When the female mice saw him, they all thought that he was cute.  One of the female mice (a white mouse) came up to him and gave him a kiss.  The mice had grown fond of the foxes and vice-versa.  The leader made the group of mice honorary citizens of the town and he took the white mouse to be his mate.  This was the beginning of the fox/mouse love affair.
What male foxes think of female mice
  • They're adorable
  • They produce lots of offspring for them
  • They are sweet and gentle
  • They'd rather mate with them than eat them.


What female mice think of male foxes

  • They are very handsome
  • They have nice warm fur for the mice to snuggle in
  • They love it when the male foxes mate with them
  • They feel safe and secure with the fox by their side


Over the next 2500 years the fox/mouse relationships strengthened to what they now are today.

Preferences/Female Mice
White Mice Golden Foxes
Pink Mice No preference
Field Mice (Tan) Red Foxes
Gray Mice No preference
Brown Mice No preference

Preferences/Male Foxes
Red Foxes Pink Mice
Golden Foxes White Mice
Gray Foxes White Mice
Silver Foxes White Mice
Mountain Foxes (rare in males) No preference

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