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The Fox Union V2.0
Other Relationships

Starting a family.


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Eventually (in most cases), there comes a time when a married couple will want to have children. When the time comes, the species of the mother will determine the number of children as well as the success rate.

Note: Since almost all males on Vulpes are foxes this is assuming that in all cases foxes were the father(s)

Female Fox
Success rate (uniform): 100%
Average per litter: 3 to 6
Known Maximum: 12
Possible Maximum: 16
Gestation: 55-65 days (about 8 or 9 weeks)

Female Wolf
Success Rate (1st attempt): 97%...overall: 99%
Average per litter: 2 to 5
Known Maximum: 9
Possible Maximum: 12
Gestation: 60-65 days (about 2 months)

Female Panda
Success Rate (1st attempt): 67%...overall: 93%
Average per litter: 1 to 3
Known Maximum: 5
Possible Maximum: 8
Gestation: about 4 months

Female Cat (regardless of type)
Success rate (domestic/overall): 90%
Success rate (wild/overall): 92%
Average per litter: 4 to 8
Known Maximum: 10
Possible Maximum: 14
Gestation: about 100 days (or slightly more than 3 months)

Female Human (very rare)
Success Rate (uniform): 99.99%
Average per pregnancy: 1
Known Maximum: 7 (living), 8 total
Known Maximum on Vulpes: 6 (living), 8 total
Gestation: 36-40 weeks or 8 1/2-9 1/2 months*

*: The risk for premature birth or birth defects is exceptionally low. only about 2 fox/human interactions (of about 1,000,000) have resulted in premature birth and none have resulted in birth defects. NOTE: this covers about a 500 year span

Disclaimer to any zoologists, anthropologists, or any one else this would concern: This is purely FICTICIOUS! this is purely a creation of my own mind and is not meant to be taken seriously.