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The Fox Union V2.0
Biography Section

Learn all about the Golden Fox Players.


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The Fox Union Players
Name Species Generation*
Michael A. Mason Golden Fox 1st
Penelope Fox Mason Red Fox 2nd
Midnight Star Blue Fox  
Melissa (Missy) Johannsen Field Mouse  
Todd Martin Red Fox 1st
Tim Atkinson Golden Fox 1st
Scarlet Rose Holliday Red Fox 1st
Michelle Mason Golden Fox 1st
Todd Jones Red Fox 1st
Mindy Westington Field Mouse  
Sterling Westington Silver Fox 1st
Corinne Ann Marie Nash Red Fox 4th
Pammie Lee Sasaki Panda  
*: Foxes Only
Look for more characters coming soon to the Fox Union.

Mike, Michelle, Jennie & Miles

The Mason Family (Click on picture)

Look for more characters soon!