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The Fox Union V2.0
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Fox Union V2.0


Violence Adult Language
Adult Dialogue Sexual Situations

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The Fox Union Fax

The Fox Union is now taking suggestions.
Send any ideas that you would like here to my e-mail address which is at the bottom of the page
As long as your ideas are tasteful and constructive, I'll consider them.
Some things I will NOT accept
  • Any racist or potentially racist material.
  • Any messages of hate of any kind.
  • Gratuitous Violence
  • Anything that is sexual in nature (unless I can find a way to keep it out of reach of children.)
  • Anything that has been copyrighted already.
  • Anything else that fits in more than one of these categories.


Those who submit ideas for me will have their names posted in the credits of the site and/or the specific drawing and they will receive a copy of the image that is made from their idea!


Chad E. Kobylenski

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Just Married!

On March 20, Todd Jones and Michelle Mason were married. :)

Welcome to the Fox Union!

What's New?

> Optimized the Fox Union Gallery.

Coming Soon to the Fox Union...

The Honeymoon (Todd & Michelle)
Estimated Arrival Date: By May 1 (tenative).
New Website: Fox Valley High
Estimated Launch Date (VERY Tenative): June 2002
Keep looking down here for more information.
NOTE: Over the next few days, I will be performing some general maintenance on this site, so don't be surprised if you see something that is out of the ordinary.