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The Fox Union V2.0
Fox/Human Relationships

Fox and Human Relationships


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CAUTION: Some of the material in this section is not exactly suitable for children...viewer discretion is highly recommended.

To whom it may concern: All the material on this page is primarily fictional and is not meant to be taken seriously.

"Are you out there, love?"

From the time that foxes and humans first walked the face of the planet they've gotten along with each other very well. There are many reasons why they get along so well.

Male Fox/Woman Relationships:

Everyone on Vulpes knows that foxes have warm fur and a warm personality. Usually the male fox/woman relationships are more social in nature, Meaning that they prefer to talk to one another and be friendly with each other. The male fox will sometimes nuzzle her to let her know that he cares about her. Sometimes a male fox and woman will marry and have children...but usually not, because either the fox or the woman is afraid that he'll accidentally hurt her*.

Vixen/Man Relationships:

This relationship is among the warmest interspecies relationships. The vixen usually loves cuddling with any human male (especially if they are both infatuated with one another) The vixen will often use her warm fur and body as another blanket for her human friend (usually she keeps her bra and panties on...unless they are married). Unlike earth foxes, Vixens smell great, their scent contains a mixture of human and fox pheromones** plus a floral scent based on whatever flower nectar is added to her milk when the vixen was a newborn. The vixen/man relationship is usually more sexual in nature. The couple will eventually get married and have children. There is low risk of accidental injury to the man because vixens are usually quite sweet and tame.

General Relations:

The fox tries to help the humans as much as they can usually by doing the following things:

--> Donating their winter fur in the spring so that warm clothing for the humans***
--> Donating their blood for use in creating additional vaccines for rabies, to keep people alive who are seriously injured (just make sure that the blood has been screened first!), to strengthen human immune systems (The DNA inside of the rabies virus is injected into white blood cells where it binds to the cells DNA and tricks the cell into thinking that it's a fox WBC which can attack and destroy almost any invader...including HIV.)
--> By finding more suitable mates for their human friends (usually a mouse or another fox)

In all, Foxes do care about humans, and the humans love them for it. This has been happening for thousands of years and will continue for a long time to come.****

*: All foxes have sharp claws and teeth...although they mean well, once in a while a fox may accidentally injure a human (fortunately, 95% of the time it's nothing more than a small cut or when a fox nibbles just a little too hard when being one has been accidentally been killed by a fox...oops, I lied, some has be killed accidentally SUE ME!
**: Pardon my spelling
***: Each spring, the foxes have to get their coats trimmed for the summer the fur is collected and woven into sweaters and coats for the humans in the following's better than hunting for fur because no foxes get hurt.
****: It is believed by the humans that the reason why foxes care about them so much is because they are a member of the canine family which is typically loyal, trust-worthy and intelligent...I guess somebody forgot to tell our dog that!