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The Fox Union V2.0
The Best Cartoons List

My Favorite Cartoon Characters, Creators, and TV Series


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The Cutest Cartoon Characters
Gold Eevee (Pokemon)
Silver Amy Rose (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Bronze Vulpix (Pokemon)
4th Vicki Fox
5th Maggie Simpson (The Simpsons)

The Coolest Cartoon Characters
Gold Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)
Silver Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
Bronze Cell (Dragon Ball Z)
4th Android 16 (Dragon Ball Z)
5th Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)

The Best Comic Strip Artists/Creators
T-Gold Charles Schulz (Peanuts)
T-Gold Jim Davis (Garfield)
Bronze Gary Larson (The Far Side)
4th John McPherson (Close to Home)
5th Hank Ketcham (Dennis the Menace)

The Best Cartoon Series on TV
Gold The Simpsons
Silver The Flintstones
Bronze Dragon Ball Z
4th Outlaw Star
5th South Park

The Best Classic Cartoon Characters*
Gold Bugs Bunny
Silver Daffy Duck
Bronze The Tasmanian Devil
4th Marvin the Martian
5th Tom & Jerry (tie)

The best classic cartoonists*
Gold Chuck Jones
Silver Tex Avery
Bronze Isadore (Friz) Freling (pardon my spelling)
4th Charles Schulz
T-5th William Hanna & Joseph Barbera (again pardon my spelling)

The Best Cartoon Movies
Gold Snow White & the Seven Dwarves (Disney)
Silver The Fox and the Hound (Disney)
Bronze The Lion King (Disney)
4th The Hobbit (WB?)
5th Bambi (Disney)

Chad K's Top List (My absolute favorite characters!)
Gold Eevee (Pokemon)
Silver Vicki Fox
Bronze Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
4th Princess Sally Acorn (Sonic the Hedgehog)
5th Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)

For the most part, these are based on my opinions.  A few however, are based on what I would assume that people would say if I asked them.
*: Cartoon characters that existed before I did (before 1/10/1980)