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The Fox Union V2.0
Rating System

How I rate the websites


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G: General Audiences: Appropriate for all ages.
PG: Parental Guidance Suggested: There may be some elements of the site may be offensive to children
PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned: There are elements of the site that may be unsuitable to children under 13.  Parental Supervision is advised
R: Restricted: Not suitable for children 17 and under.  Parental Supervision Highly Recommended
NC-17: No Children 17 or younger: Probably requires an electronic signature to access. 
V: Variable: Too vague to tell exactly.  Parental Supervision Highly Recommended

Website Element Grades
Violence, Adult Language, Adult Dialogue, Sexual Situations.
Violence: Self-Explanitory
Adult Language: Content of foul language.
Adult Dialogue: Content of things such as references to violence, language, sexual situations, and other nasty items.
Sexual Situations: Content of Nudity and other Sexual Situations (in graphic form.)
Table Color (silver): Item not present on this website.
Lt. Green: Minimal, 1 or 2 items fitting this description.
Blue: Mild, A few items that fit the description
Yellow: Moderate, Quite a few items that fit the description
Red: Severe, More than half the site contains elements that fit the description.
Dark Red: Extreme, Almost every page fits the description of the specific elements.