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The C-Files
Episode 2-5
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ACT 5: Two new beginnings (part 1)
The youngest Mason is born (Spring & Summer 2992)

With their two oldest pups in Fox Valley City in their Junior year at FVH and Jennie leaving home to join her brother and sister the following fall, Todd and Melissa were starting to feel lonely.  Even though Jennie would still be living with them for a few more months, Todd and Melissa missed raising young fox pups and wanted to have one more litter.  Despite being older than they were when their other 3 pups were conceived, Todd and Melissa were only in their mid-30's and still quite fertile*.

In order to satisfy their biological desires for the last time, Todd and Melissa left Jennie with a neighbor for a few days and went back to Dolphin Bay.  They planned on yiffing in the same spot where Mike and Michelle were conceived.  However, since then a lot had happened.  In 2981, a Category 5 hurricane struck near Dolphin Bay, severely damaging the resort that Todd and Melissa stayed in back in 2974.  The resort was eventually rebuilt, but was never the same afterwards.  In 2990, after a Category 1 hurricane made landfall in the same area flooding the beach and damaging the resort further, a survey team was assembled to analyze the area.  They found that the area where the resort was built was in an area prone to storm surge, even though the building was several hundred feet from the beach.  Since almost any landfalling tropical system would drive in a potentially damaging storm surge, the owner of the resort decided to move to a different portion of the beach.  All that remained in the spot where the resort once stood was the beach itself.

When Todd and Melissa saw that the resort where they conceived their first litter was gone, they were disappointed.  They had to stay at a nearby resort instead.  However, Todd and Melissa were determined to create their third litter where Mike and Michelle were conceived.  They decided that they would go out on the beach, after dark and yiff.  On Vulpes, yiffing in public (except in certain areas) is illegal during the daylight hours, but IS legal after dark as long as it is done where anyone can see them.  Around 2 AM, while most of the residents and tourists in Dolphin Bay were sleeping, Todd and Melissa went out onto the beach and prepared to yiff.  They weren't exactly alone, three more couples (including couple) were already on the beach yiffing.  Since these individuals were doing what Todd and Melissa were about to do, they were all within the law.  Todd and Melissa ignored the other couples as best as they could and concentrated on what they wanted to do.  During the rest of the night, the air over Dolphin Bay was filled with excited yips and howls from yiffy couples satisfying their natural desires.

A week later, after returning to Mason City.  Melissa went to the doctor's office to see if she was pregnant.  She would soon learn that she was pregnant, but like her past two pregnancies, she didn't have as many pups as a normal vixen would have.  Melissa was pregnant with one male fox pup and that was all.  She had no idea why she could only produce one or two fox pups at a time.  However, some of the doctor's theorized that when she carried Mike and Michelle in her womb, that put extra strain on her reproductive system, causing her to compensate by only releasing one or two egg cells at a time, instead of mulitple egg cells like a normal vixen.  When Todd found out Melissa was pregnant, but with only one pup (for the second time), the couple pretty much decided that it was time to give up on their dream of having a large family and settle for the children they had already created.

In May of 2992, Miles Mason was born in Downtown General Hospital in Mason City.  After she gave birth, Melissa decided to have her ovaries removed after she failed to produce a normal size litter of pups in three attempts.  However, it was quickly determined that the ovaries were healthy and the surgeon who removed them asked Melissa if she really wanted them removed.  As Melissa nursed her newborn son, she explained to the surgeon that she was fine with her family as it was and that she didn't feel the need to have any more pups.  She also added that there were other females out there who want to have families, but for some reason cannot.  Melissa gave the hospital permission to give her ovaries to some female who is otherwise healthy enough to reproduce, but was born with either underdeveloped or "empty" ovaries**.  Eventually, Melissa's ovaries were transplanted into another vixen who was born with underdeveloped ovaries and wanted to have pups.  Within six months, that vixen gave birth to a litter of 6 fox pups before her body rejected the transplanted organs and her whole womb had to be removed to save her life.  However, the vixen who got Melissa's gift was happy and out of gratitude she named her first born daughter after Melissa.

When the school year ended, Mike and Michelle came home for the summer and got to see their new baby brother for the first time.  Now that he had a little brother, Mike felt that it was his job to teach Miles everything he knew.  Fortunately, the two brothers got along much better than Michelle and Jennie did in the beginning (partially because of the significant age difference), and it wasn't long before young Miles wanted to emulate his older brother.  But he was just a young pup then, Miles wouldn't be able to play football or anything like that for several years.  The three months of summer vacation passed quickly, and soon it was time for Mike and Michelle to return to Fox Valley City for their senior year, as well as time for Jennie to start High School.  When they saw their three oldest pups leave home again, Todd and Melissa were still sad.  However, with a 3 month old pup they felt better than before.  As soon as their oldest pups left, Todd and Melissa started to plan a surprise for Mike and Michelle for their 18th birthday, a surprise that would change the course of Vulpine history.

End of Act 5

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*: Upon reaching sexual maturity, Male foxes remain fertile for almost the remainder of their lives.  Most vixens can remain fertile into their early to mid-50's (some even longer).  However, after about age 40, the fertility of foxes starts to decrease (except in the case of blue vixens and Mike and Michelle, they will remain at their peak fertility indefinitely...see Episode 5-3).
**: It is extremely rare for a Vulpine to be born infertile, especially females.  Out of all the females on Vulpes about 1:5,000,000 are born with underdeveloped ovaries, and about 1:20,000,000 are born with "empty" ovaries (Ovaries with few or no viable egg cells).  90% of all infertile females on Vulpes are human females.