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The C-Files
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Episode 2: The Mason Family
NOTE: All characters with their names in GOLD are in more than one episode as a main or supporting character.

Individual Stories
Act # Title Rating Status
1 Welcome to Earth, young foxes PG
2 Here's Jennie! G Finished
3 Sibling Rivalry PG
4 The truth is revealed PG
5 Two new beginnings (part 1) PG
6 Two new beginnings (part 2) G Finished
7 The Golden (Fox) Rule PG-13
8 Glory Days G
Not Yet

Cast of Characters
Character Name Species/Gen.* Age
Michael A. Mason ALPHA Golden Fox/1st V**
Michelle Mason Jones ALPHA Golden Vixen/1st V**
Jennifer (Jennie) Mason Wayne Golden Vixen/1st V**
Miles Mason Golden Fox/1st 12
Todd Mason Red Fox/1st V**
Melissa Mason Red Vixen/1st V**
Tim Atkinson Golden Fox/1st V**
Tammy Atkinson Golden Vixen/1st V**
Penelope Fox Mason Red Vixen/2nd 24
Todd Jones Red Fox/1st 24
Pamela (Pammie) Fallon Panda 25
Melissa Johannsen Mousette V**
Martin Wayne Red Fox/1st 25