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Episode 4: The land of 10,000 lakes (and stories*)
NOTE: All characters with their names in GOLD are in more than one episode as a main or supporting character.
ALSO NOTE: All act numbers in RED indicate acts that contain material for adult audiences only, clicking on the link to this act (if applicable) will take you to a gateway which will give you instructions to find the material that you wish to see.
*: Actual number of stories may vary.

Individual Stories
Act # Title Rating Status
1 On the farm (Cole's story) G Finished
2 Country Fox meets City Vixen PG
(AC, V, L)
2b Cole and Carol's Story (the untold version)
This link will take you to the C-PRIME Archives group, the story is located in the files section in the 2004 Stories folder (in the requested stories sub-folder).
(N, S, SX)
3 Belle in the big city PG
3b Belle's Dream
This link will take you to the CX-FILES group, the story is located in the files section in the Episode 4 folder.
(N, S, SX)

Cast of Characters
Character Name Species/Gen.* Age
Cole Fox Silver Fox/4th 23
Carol Keller Fox Two-tail Red Vixen/1st 23
Belle A. Henson Mousette V**
Holly Ann Rose Wolf V**
Stewart Andersen Mouse V**
Ashley Waverly Mousette V**