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ACT 4: The truth is Revealed
Mike and Michelle's 16th birthday

Episode 5 Preview #3 of 3

On Vulpes, all Vulpes-born citzens (even humans) are considered to be adults legally at the age of 16.  Mike and Michelle were no exception (even though both Mike and Michelle were fertile at birth...more on that shortly).  For 16 years Mike and Michelle considered themselves to be normal foxes like their parents and sister.  However, Todd and Melissa decided not to tell them about their true heritage until they were both adults.
On Mike and Michelle's 16th birthday, after having a birthday party for all of their friends and cousins, Todd and Melissa decided it was time to let their oldest pups know about their hidden powers.  Melissa took Michelle out onto the front porch while Todd went into his room to talk to Mike.  Since Jennie was a normal golden fox, Todd and Melissa gave her money to go see a movie while they talked to their oldest pups.
When Todd walked into Mike's room, he saw him watching an IFL game between Northside and Mason City.  Since he started high school, Mike wanted to play football, and had the talent to go into the IFL.  However, his parents wanted Mike to get his high school diploma first.  Todd asked Mike to turn the TV off so he could have a talk with him.  Mike didn't know what he wanted to talk about, but he always listened to his father and turned off the TV.  Mike asked his father what he needed to talk about.  Todd stumbled for a moment, trying to think of what he was going to say.  Eventually, Todd asked Mike if he had ever heard of alpha golden foxes.  Mike told his father that he learned about the legendary golden foxes just a few weeks ago and how he, Michelle and Jennie were indirect descendants to them.  That's when Todd went into the master bedroom and pulled out a diagram of the Mason Family Tree (which was huge...looked more like the family REDWOOD).  Mike was surprised to find out that he, Michelle and Jennie were DIRECT descendants of the first alpha golden foxes.  When Mike and Michelle learned about the legendary golden foxes in history class, they learned that all alpha golden foxes have special birthmarks on their chest (engraved in their fur) that react to certain types of light.  Todd had installed a blacklight in the main bathroom so that Mike and Michelle could discover their true heritage.  He told his son to go into the bathroom, turn on the light and look in the mirror.  Mike did as his father asked and went into the bathroom.  When Mike turned the light on and looked in the mirror, he couldn't see anything because his t-shirt was still on.  He returned from the bathroom to tell his father he didn't see anything.  Todd quickly asked if he tried taking off the t-shirt before he looked.  Feeling somewhat stupid, Mike went back into the bathroom, took off the shirt and looked again.  This time, Mike could see a bluish on his chest, which was the same as the one described in Episode 3-6.  At that time Mike realized that he was an alpha golden fox.  He knew some of what that meant, but not all.  A full explanation will be available once Episode 5 is ready, but here is what it means in a nutshell.  Alpha Golden Foxes are the ultimate protectors of Vulpes, whenever the planet as a whole is in danger, foxes and vixens who are DIRECT descendants of the two original alpha golden foxes could BECOME alpha golden foxes.  Besides the birthmark, another way that you can tell a normal golden fox from an alpha golden fox is that alpha golden foxes are fertile AT BIRTH (although there have been no RECORDED cases of alpha golden foxes breeding before legal adulthood*).  Mike also learned that since he was an alpha golden fox, that he needed to find the alpha golden vixen to be his eternal mate.  When Todd told Mike that the alpha golden vixen was his twin sister, Mike went back into the bathroom, this time to VOMIT!  Even if she was the alpha golden vixen, there was NO WAY IN HELL that he was going to mate with her.  Fortunately for him, he wouldn't have to, since he and Michelle are twins, she was born with the SAME birthmark that he had, meaning that Michelle wasn't his chosen mate.  Mike loves his twin sister but he doesn't LOVE her (if you know what I mean).  Mike immediately asked his father if Michelle had the same birthmark that he had, then who would be his chosen mate (there is always 2 alpha golden foxes, one male, one female).  Since both foxes were born in the same litter, Todd had no idea who Mike's chosen mate was, and he would have to find out himself.  Meanwhile, Melissa was talking to Michelle about the same things with pretty much the same reactions.  In addition, since Mike and Michelle were alpha golden foxes, this would explain two things to them that they didn't know before. 
First of all, it would explain their supernatural capabilities Such as the ability to leap 35-40 FEET in the air and land on a dime, a static electrical charge in their bodies that seemed to become more powerful during thunderstorms, the ability to run at 2 to 3x the speed of a normal fox, incredible strength and injury resistance, natural biological weapons**, the ability to shoot fire from their mouths, and semi-immortality (again, more will be explained in Episode 5). It also explained their extremely strong bond with each other, even from the time they were inside their mother's womb; Mike and Michelle instinctively knew that they were special and that they were meant to work together.
After talking to their oldest pups for about 2 hours, Mike and Michelle had learned everything they needed to know about their ancestors and their future as protectors and creators.  However, they still did not know who their destined mate was at that time (Mike later found out that Melissa was his, Michelle still hasn't found hers).  A little while later, Jennie came home from the movie theatre and shortly thereafter she and her older siblings went to bed.  As they explained to their oldest children while talking to them, Mike and Michelle needed to keep their true identity as alpha golden foxes to themselves for the time being, they would eventually be called upon to protect their home planet and didn't want to have anything to happen to them before then.  Mike and Michelle returned to Fox Valley High the next day to continue their lives as high school juniors.  None of the students or staff at the school suspected their secret.
End of Act 4

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*: There have been one or two UNCONFIRMED cases of this happening some 3000 years ago, but then again, records from that era are not as reliable as they would be now.

**: In addition to controlled rabies (a part of their immune system, only activated in extreme circumstances); Mike and Michelle also have highly acidic blood (again a part of their immune system, the blood vessels and heart have acid-blocking compounds lining the cellular portions of the circulatory system, preventing them from rupturing.  If you have ever seen any of the Aliens movies, that is what their blood is like).  They also have two small venom glands in their muzzle which connect to their canine teeth (the long teeth) similar to a venomous snake would have.  Fortunately, the venom will only be released when necessary and alone is not dangerous to humans (However, if you combine their venom with their activated rabies and a small amount of battery acid-like plasma, which are also injected through their canine teeth, all three elements work together to form a very powerful and very destructive venomous compound that can kill within 5 MINUTES if untreated).