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The C-Files
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C-Files Episode Guide
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Contains all the episodes on this site and gives their ratings.
If you are confused about what the ratings mean, click on the link to the Rating System page.
NOTE: All episode numbers shown in RED will contain acts that contain material that is for adult audiences only, therefore they will be placed in a separate Yahoo group as soon as this type of material is created.
Last Updated: 4/24/2006

Episode # Title Rating
Content Indicators
1 The birth of C-PRIME R L, S, AC
2 The Mason Family PG-13 V, L, AC
3 Melissa's Story R V, L, S, AC
4 Land of 10,000 lakes (and stories*) V V, L, AC, S
5 Vulpine Legends PG-13 V, AC
6 The Vulpine World of Sports PG V, AC, L
7 Vulpine Love Affairs R S, AC
8 Guide to Vulpes #1 (Vulpines inside and out)
9 Title TBD (It's a surprise!)
Production will begin (I think) as soon as the Yiffy RPG is up.

More episodes will be added periodically.  So keep checking back on a regular basis.