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The C-Files
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Episode 3: Melissa's Story
NOTE: All characters with their names in GOLD are in more than one episode as a main or supporting character.
ALSO NOTE: All act numbers in RED indicate acts that contain material for adult audiences only, clicking on the link to this act (if applicable) will take you to a gateway which will give you instructions to find the material that you wish to see.
*: V+ = EXTREME Violence (DEFINITELY NOT for children!!!)
The act number that is highlighted like this indicates that this is the final act of this particular episode.

Individual Stories
Act # Title Rating Status
1 The good ol' days G Finished
2 Invasion! R
(V+*, L, AC)
3 Protecting the Survivors PG
4 Freedom! R
5 Like Mother, Like Daughter R
(N, AC)
6 Like Mother, Like Daughter (part 2) R
(N, V, AC)
6b Melissa's First Mate
This link will take you to the CX-Files group, the story is located in the files section.
(N, SX)
7 A surprise reunion R
(N, AC)
8 Keeping her Promise R
(N, AC)
9 Keeping her Promise (Part 2) PG
10 Family Reunion PG
(V, AC)
11 A Happy Ending...for now PG

Cast of Characters
Character Name Species/Gen.* Age
Melissa Johannsen Mousette V**
Abigail Johannsen Mousette V**
Gen. Michael Sherman Golden Fox/2nd V**
Michael A. Mason ALPHA Golden Fox/1st 28
Nathan Johannsen Mouse V**
Linda Reed Johannsen Red Vixen/1st V**