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The C-Files
Episode 2-6
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ACT 6: Two new beginnings (part 2)
The journey begins (2993)

For Mike and Michelle, the years have gone by rapidly.  It seemed like it wasn't long ago that they were young fox pups, like their youngest brother.  Now, in their senior year at Fox Valley High and just turning 18, Mike and Michelle were nearly ready to begin their extremely long adult lives (see Episode 5-3*).
On their 18th birthday, Todd had given partial ownership of the TV network (now known as IBN) to Mike.  Mike would get full ownership of the network after graduation from high school.  By that time, Todd had enough money saved to retire and he planned on moving the family to Fox Valley City after graduation.  Even though they were now full-grown, Mike and Michelle remained extremely close to each other and he gave half of his share to his twin sister.  Todd didn't mind Mike sharing the network with Michelle, as long as it stayed within the family.
During the remainder of their senior year in high school, both Mike and Michelle received the "Golden Oak" award from Oakwood college (See Episode 6-1), which included a $1,000,000 scholarship for each sibling.  Even though Mike and Michelle were extremely intelligent** and didn't necessarily need to go to college, they both decided to take the offer.  In addition to the scholarship, Mike also received offers from IFL teams to join right after high school.  Mike wanted to play in the IFL; but education came first to him and he told the recruits that he wanted to get his degree first, before committing to the IFL (which didn't take very long...see Episode 6-1a).
The final few months of the school year went by fast, and before long it was graduation day.  Mike and Michelle were the valedictorians of their class (each with a 4.33 GPA*).  As he promised earlier, Todd retired almost immediately after Mike and Michelle graduated and gave Mike full ownership of the network.  As he had done before, Mike immediately gave Michelle half of the network, knowing that working together would make it more successful.  After the graduation ceremony, Mike and Michelle returned to their childhood home in Mason City as their parents moved into a new house in Fox Valley City, so they could be with Jennie and also to raise their 1-year old son in a less hectic environment.
End of Act 6

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*: Under the "Alpha Golden Fox" section.
**: Both Mike and Michelle have an I.Q. of over 400, more than TWICE the average I.Q. for a normal adult fox and more the 4X the average human I.Q.
*: Any GPA over 4.0 is considered an A+ (I think)...a GPA of 4.33 would mean that Mike and Michelle each got straight "A+'s", since each "A+" is worth 4.33 grade points.