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The C-Files
Episode 5-2
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***The Golden Fox Legend***

When the human creator god left for Nirvania, he created a handful of protectors for Vulpes.  These protectors included Blue, and "Fire" Foxes as well as pure white mousettes (I will explain more about each type of these protectors in Act 3).  The human god knew that they may need protection from other not-so-peaceful planets should Vulpes ever get invaded.  However, he couldn't have possibly seen what happened shortly after his departure.
There were rats on Vulpes before the human god left.  However, these rats were held in check by a high fox population.  About five years after the human god left, a strange radioactive wave struck a small part of the planet from space.  Because of its small size, it had no significant effect on the planet as a whole.  However, the wave hit a small group of rats, mutating them into highly aggressive and dangerous super rats.  Whenever a fox tried to protect their fellow Vulpines by pouncing on the rat and killing them, the rat overpowered them and used radioactive energy to kill the fox.  In addition, the radioactive waves made the already fertile rats even more fertile (capable of having a litter of up to 20 children in about as many HOURS).  The rats attacked everything that wasn't them, but they were the most vicious with foxes, mice and humans.  The protectors of Vulpes did their best to fight the scourge, but they could only destroy so many at one time.  The planet would surely be doomed if the protectors didn't do something fast.  Then the three leaders of each of the protector tribes (a blue vixen, a male "fire" fox, and a pure white mousette) decided that the only way to save Vulpes was to cross-breed and hope their offspring was more powerful than they were.  The male fire fox yiffed with the mousette who had a litter of nearly 200 in 24 hours (mostly mice, with a few foxes as well).  The mousette's hyperactive fertility outmatched the fertility of the female rats.  However, the offspring that they produced was no stronger than their parents.  As their last hope, the male fox yiffed with the blue vixen, hoping that their combined powers would lead to offspring that could destroy the rats before it was too late.
After two months of waiting, the planet's overall population (excluding rats) was cut in half and the rats were taking over the planet in large chunks.  Finally, the blue vixen gave birth to just two fox pups (one male, one female).  However, they looked nothing like mom or dad.  The pups had fur that was shiny and yellow, they looked more like normal foxes than they did.  It would appear that the fox couple would have no choice but to destroy the planet to prevent a similar fate from befalling other worlds.  However, their newborn pups begged them to let them try first.  The fox couple was torn between the safety of their pups and the future of the planet.  However when the rats stormed into a hospital, stole all the babies in the nursery and killed them that was all they could stand.  The fox couple allowed their pups on the surface of Vulpes as long as they went with them.
Meanwhile, a small group of Vulpines gathered whatever weapons they could find to drive off a 50,000 strong army of rats.  That is when the two adult foxes and their young pups.  Upon arriving on Vulpes, the young pups told the army of rats that they were going to destroy them.  Seeing the two fox pups (who were only a few hours old) threatening them made everyone of the rats laugh hysterically for several minutes.  While they were laughing, the didn't notice the two siblings holding each other's hand, combining their powers and creating a massive electrical charge in the atmosphere above them.  Seconds later, hundreds of powerful lightning bolts started raining down from the sky above, striking with pinpoint accuracy on one of the rats, killing it instantly.  As the massive army was rapidly being decimated by the two foxes, the rats tried to attack the pups.  However, when they got too close for comfort, a mile-wide F5 tornado dropped from the sky directly on the fox family (they were safely inside the "eye" of the storm), but the rats couldn't get anywhere near them.  Between the 300 MPH monster tornado protecting the foxes and the lightning storm, the once 50,000 strong rat army was reduced to less than 50 in MINUTES.  The remaining rats retreated from that place as lightning continued to rain down from the sky.  Only 2 rats made it safely out of the range of those lightning bolts.  When the skies cleared, the fox couple was astonished that their two newborn pups killed more rats in 10 minutes than they had in their entire lives.  There was little time for celebration as there were still millions of rats that needed to be destroyed.  Vulpes now had two protectors who had the power and stamina to destroy multitudes of rats at one time.
During the next 25 years, these golden foxes, along with the other protectors of Vulpes steadily decimated the rat population.  As the two golden foxes reached breeding age, new golden foxes started being born, each of the equally as destructive as the original two.  Soon, the rat population was reduced to only a few hundred and the end of the rat menace was close at hand.  Fearing extinction, the last groups of rats built 3 ships to escape before the golden foxes could find them.  However, several golden, blue and "fire" foxes descended on the three ships not long after they had set out.  Two of the three ships were blown out of the water instantly, killing all the rats on board.  The smallest of the three boats, managed to elude the hoard of foxes for a few minutes, until it was hit by a lightning bolt and capsized.  After all three boats were destroyed, the foxes waited for several minutes to make sure that no rats survived.  After about 20 minutes, they decided that no rat would be able to survive that long underwater, and seeing nothing but bodies in the raging waters below them, the foxes assumed that the last of the rats were finally destroyed.  What they didn't know at that time was beneath the capsized boat, two rats (one male, one female) survived the blast and had found an airpocket beneath the boat.  They eventually made it to an island some distance away and immediately started to reproduce, determined to get revenge (see Episode 3).
With their jobs done, the adult golden foxes (AKA: "Alpha" Golden Foxes) went to Nirvania while the juveniles turned into "normal" foxes.  Several hundred years later, after extensive testing, it was determined that the powers of the golden fox were caused by a single gene in their "X" chromosome (the "X" chromosome that ALL mammals have...male or female*).  Since the rats were destroyed, this gene had gone dormant and all golden foxes who were born from that time on were regular foxes...that is until 30 years ago (see Episode 2).
End of Act 2

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*: I'm talking about the sex chromosomes (X and Y)...all mammals (male or female) have at least ONE "X" sex chromosome from their mother, the second "X" or "Y" chromosome from the father is the one that determines gender (XX = Female, XY = Male).