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Episode 5-1
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***The Birth of Vulpes***
NOTE: Almost everything you read in this story is just imaginative writing, any similarities to any theories about the creation of the Earth, Universe, life, etc. is purely co-incidental.

Around 3 billion years ago, from a distant planet.  A pair of "creator" gods (a humanoid male and a canine female similar to those found on Vulpes today) came to the Vulpine solar system to begin a new world*.  They wanted to create a world where humans and animals could live in peace and harmony.  Once the planet had been made and the environment was suitable for the creation of living things, they started to add simple uni-cellular creatures and accelerated the evolution process.  From the time the first living creatures appeared on Vulpes it took approximately 500 million years before dinosaurs roamed on Vulpes.  By the planet's 2 billionth birthday, the dinosaurs were extinct and animals as we know them today started to appear.  By 2 million years B.C. (in this case, B.C. = Before Comet...more on that shortly), the first human beings appeared on the surface.  From the time humans appeared on Vulpes on, the accelerated evolution would become a problem for Vulpes.  As a result, the early Vulpine society (which were all humans) evolved into something similar to what we on Earth are currently going through.  When the "creator" gods saw the planet they had created being polluted and people killing other people for no reason whatsoever, the human got angry and was considering destroying the planet to save others nearby (like Aquaticus and Arctiqua).  As for the canine goddess, she was disappointed in the way most of the humans were treating the animals, especially the other mammals.  Even though she understood that they needed to eat to survive and needed to keep warm.  There were humans killing foxes, raccoons, etc just for fashion.  The boiling point was finally reached when one of the former nations of the ancient Vulpes started a nuclear war with other nations, killing hundreds of thousands of people.  That is when the human god had enough.  He summonned his mighty power to create a comet the size of Earth to obliterate the "doomed" planet.  His mate begged him not to destroy the planet, but he couldn't stand to see it turn into a lifeless rock by his own kind.  He sent the comet down towards the planet, but it never made impact (which would have destroyed Vulpes).  His loving mate for nearly 3 billion years held the comet back, seeing a way to end the violence and save the planet.  She sacrificed herself by using her energy to self-destruct and explode the comet with her.  The massive blast vaporized everything that was biological or artificial (made by the humans).  All that was left, was the DNA of every living creature that was on Vulpes.  Once the planet was able to support life again, the DNA (which had been preserved by the energy the canine goddess gave up to save the planet) began to recombine.  However, the human DNA began to combine with DNA from other mammals (most notably foxes and other canines).  Once there was sufficient genetic information, the mass revival began.
Like the T-1000 after being blown to pieces by the Terminator, millions of gelationus masses began to rise up from the planet's surface.  Most of these, turned back into the animals that were native to the planet.  However, some of them turned would eventually turn into the Vulpines that we know today.  When the human god saw the new beings on the planet, he remembered back to when he met his mate on her home world.  Her home world was very peaceful and lived by two very simple rules...the "Mr. Spock" rule**, and the "Golden" rule.  He thought that by turning most of the humans on the planet into human/animal hybrids that they would follow the ways of her home world.  As a gesture of love for his mate, the human god decided to give Vulpes another chance, one that he would not regret giving.
From the time the new Vulpines appeared, they had limited knowledge of what had happened before.  The animal DNA inside of each Vulpine "recorded" the events resulting in their creation and they realized that they needed to change their ways in order to continue their existence.  The Vulpine civilization began to rebuild, but much more peacefully.  As time went on, relationships between different species began to grow increasingly common.  At that time, the human god decided to re-introduce the handful of humans that he and his mate spared from what would have been the destruction of Vulpes back home.  They were spared because they were loving and gentle, like the human god was.  The humans were placed on a planet for immortals during their time away from Vulpes.  They were given immortality, but only until they were able to return home.  Unsure on how the Vulpines would react, the human god instructed them to only talk to the canine inhabitants (since they were the most friendly and most intelligent of the native Vulpines).  Fortunately, not only did the canines take in the human inhabitants, they could also sense that they were more peaceful than the humans that lived on Vulpes before the re-birth (another "gift" from the canine goddess).  Eventually, these humans began to cross-breed with the other inhabitants on Vulpes, which led to the birth of a handful of "2nd Gen. Humans" who were human in appearance, but also had a bit of animal DNA inside them.  Every Vulpine-born human today (at least those who have human parents from Vulpes or at least one Vulpine parent) are "2nd Gen. Humans".
About 5,000 years ago, the human god realized that the inhabitants of Vulpes (both human and Vulpine) had reached a critical point in their development.  The relative peace and harmony on the planet meant that the Vulpine citizens were almost as evolved as they could get.  At that time, as his last duty as a "creator" god, the human god slowed down the evolution of the planet to a "crawl".  Then, with his job done, he rejoined his mate on the distant planet called Nirvania, where immortals go after there job is done to live for eternity in peace.  Vulpes was now a self-sufficient planet, with a peaceful and diverse populace.  However, there were still some leftover problems from the old Vulpes that will be explained further as we go along in the episode.
End of Act 1

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*: "Creator" Gods/Godesses are born semi-immortal and reach full immortality upon reaching adulthood.  These gods/godesses roam the universe, until they find a lifeless planet or an area that is suitable for the creation of life and build a planet based on whatever they want.  Once they create a planet, they will stay nearby until the inhabitants are evolved to the point where they can sustain themselves and remain peaceful.
**: In case you have never watched Star Trek II or are not a Star Trek fan, the "Mr. Spock" rule (as I call it) is..."The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or the one)".  Unfortunately, not everyone abides to this "rule", if you know what I mean (I.E.: Politicians, Certain sports celebrities, etc).