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Episode 5-3
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***The Guardians of Vulpes***

As I mentioned in Act 2, the "creator" gods created three of the four types of protectors of Vulpes.  I already mentioned how the golden foxes were created in Act 2.  On this page, I will describe each Vulpine guardian in detail.  NOTE: All guardians on this page are in the order of their creation.
(Pure) White Mousettes
Current Population on Vulpes: unknown (all white mousettes and some field mousettes have an inactive gene that can be activated by an "Alpha" Golden Fox.)
Life expectancy: indefinite (immortal)
Special abilities: Hyperfertility (capable of giving birth to 200 offspring within 24 hours), Resurrecting the dead (excluding natural causes), some control of electricity (mainly in the tail).
Strengths: Fully immortal (cannot be killed* or die of old age), able to repopulate the planet within a few years (should the need arise).
Weaknesses: While pregnant, the pure white mousette has no electrical charge and concentrates all of her life-giving energy to her unborn offspring.
True Red "Fire" Foxes
Current Population on Vulpes: about 1,000 (98% of all "fire" foxes are female
Life expectancy: average: 80-100 years, max.: 150 years
Special abilities: Control over fire elements, immunity to fire, lava, and lightning
Strengths: When fighting, "fire" foxes are very destructive towards their enemies.  They can also transfer some of their heat energy to others to help keep them warm.
Weaknesses: Mortal (although difficult to kill).  If a human male mates with a female "fire" fox, all offspring produced by the "fire" vixen will be more foxes.**
Blue Vixens
Current Population on Vulpes: Adults: 4 (there are also 3 juvenile blue vixens, however none of them are close to breeding age).
Life expectancy: indefinite (semi-immortal...cannot die of old age)
Special abilities: Complete control of fire energy and limited control of electrical energy.  Immune to radiation and all fire elements.
Strengths: Very powerful (both physically and spiritually).
Weaknesses: Not completely immortal (can be killed...albeit not very easily).  Blue vixens are also not a wise choice when looking for a committed mate (since they are constantly on the move).
"Alpha" Golden Foxes
Current Population on Vulpes: Adults: 2 (Mike and Michelle Mason).  Juveniles: 1 (Mike Jr.)
Life expectancy: indefinite (juveniles are semi-immortal, adults are fully immortal)
Special abilities: Hyperfertility (capable of reproducing at birth), Complete control of fire, electrical, and meteorlogical elements related to summer-type weather conditions (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc).  Immunity to a wide variety of elements.  Powerful biological weapons (Level 5 rabies***, various hemo and neurotoxins, acidic blood), incredible physiological abilities (speed, stamina, etc).
Strengths: Adults are completely immortal and almost completely indestructible.  Able to eliminate LARGE NUMBERS of enemies in a short amount of time.
Weaknesses: Juveniles are only semi-immortal (cannot die of natural causes) but are extremely difficult to kill (even young "Alpha" Golden Foxes have ALL of their ADULT characteristics aside from full immortality.  If an "alpha" golden fox bites a human (either intentionally or accidentaly) while their rabies is "activated"*, that human could die within MINUTES!
End of Act 3

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*: Cannot be killed by mortals or mortal weapons, can be killed by stronger immortals (I.E.: Blue Vixens, "Alpha" Golden Foxes...even though they wouldn't harm any mousette).
**:  The "normal" body temperature for a fire fox is 300 degrees F (except for their reproductive organs).  The womb of a female fire fox is too hot to carry human offspring (approximately 150 degrees F).
***: On Vulpes, some citizens have rabies as a defense mechanism.  The intensity of the controlled virus (rabid Vulpines are only dangerous when in life-threatening situations) is graded on a scale of 1 to 5, based on how deadly and fast-acting the effects are.  By comparison, Earth rabies would be considered Level 3 on the Vulpine scale.
*:  Controlled rabies is also a part of a Vulpine's immune system, giving the vulpine enhanced immunity (and complete protection from almost all human diseases, including HIV and other STD's).  In addition to Level 5 rabies, "Alpha" Golden Foxes inject hemo and neurotoxins into an enemy (or accidental victim), accelerating the deadly effects of the virus.  In order for a human to be cured, the same fox who bit them must give the victim some of their genetic material to control the virus and stop the venom.