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ACT 3: "Sibling Rivalry"
2978 through Fall 2989

Upon the arrival of their little sister, there were some changes for Mike and Michelle.  Mike now had two sisters (one twin and one "baby") who both loved him very much.  However, the two sisters themselves didn't always get along so well (at least not to begin with).
Since before they were born, Mike and Michelle had been virtually inseparable, being twins in all.  However, with the addition of Jennie to the family, Mike started to spend more time with Jennie than he did with her.  At that time, Michelle thought that since she was his twin sister and they were born at the exact same time that he should spend the most time with her.  For the first few years of Jennie's life, Michelle tried to get Mike to pay more attention to her instead of Jennie.  Somehow, despite all of Michelle's pressuring and the needs of his little sister, Mike managed to fit both of his sisters into his life as much as possible.  He loved Michelle and Jennie about the same, even though Michelle was his twin and Jennie was extremely cute (as is the case for young fox pups).  As soon as Mike and Michelle started school, things seemed to settle down.  Mike and Michelle would be together most of the day, and then Mike would spend some time with Jennie after school.  Even Michelle seemed to get along better with her little sister for a while...that is until Jennie started school, three years later.
During the first couple of years; Mike, Michelle and Jennie seemed to get along fairly well.  Because they had made new friends, Mike and Michelle weren't spending as much time with each other as they did when they were younger.  In addition, Jennie was also starting to make friends of her own.  But as the three fox pups grew up, things began to change.  By the time he was 10 years old, Mike was already nearly 6' tall.  His parents, thinking that he was too big and too old to share a bedroom with his twin sister, decided it was time for Mike to have his own room.  They gave him Jennie's room and decided to move her in with Michelle.  Mike knew why they were giving him his own room and accepted the change.  But Michelle was more reluctant, she didn't want Mike to move out of their room.  However, Todd, Melissa and Mike knew what was best for the family and insisted that the change be made.  Hearing her own brother say that made Michelle sad, she didn't feel like he loved her anymore.  Mike tried his best to comfort his sister and prove her wrong.  He nuzzled her softly and told her that it was a part of growing up and she needed to get used to it.  After a little while, and a lot of convincing, Michelle (reluctantly) went with the new arrangements.  However, as soon as Mike moved out and Jennie moved in, the violence began.
Michelle believed that it was Jennie's fault that Mike moved out and turned her frustrations out on Jennie.  Michelle and Jennie began to argue at each other constantly.  As Mike spent less time with his sisters (for multiple reasons), the confrontations began to get more violent.  Michelle and Jennie started to get into fights, pulling each other's tail and punching at each other.  Each time they fought, either their parents or Mike was their to separate the two sisters before the fighting got too dangerous.  But everything would change on an August evening in 2989.  Mike had gone to a football game with his (mousette) girlfriend* and her family, and his parents were going out to dinner, leaving Michelle and Jennie home by themselves.  But before they left, Todd and Melissa decided that it would not be wise to let them be alone without someone to break up a potential fight.  They hired a football player from a nearby high school to watch over the two sisters until either they or Mike got home.  Todd didn't trust the football player because he was 17 years old and he was afraid that he would try to yiff Michelle or even Jennie if he had the chance.  However, the football player explained to Todd that he already had a girlfriend his own age and that the only female that he would yiff with is his girlfriend.  Since he showed Todd a picture of his girlfriend, who was another vixen, he decided to let him stay.  But as he left Todd warned him if he came home and found out that he touched either of his daughters inappropriately, Todd would do something to him that would make Satan himself vomit.
As far as the yiffy standpoint was concerned, Todd had nothing to worry about.  The football player was faithful to his girlfriend and he knew that she had more yiff appeal than either of Todd's daughters anyway (since his girlfriend was a TWO-tailed vixen).  However, in preparing for the upcoming football season, he was in the middle of bulking up.  Melissa explained to him that he could help himself to anything he wanted to eat in the fridge (as long as he didn't eat the whole fridge she jokingly added).  A couple nights ago, Mike got selected for the Fox Valley High football team when he and Michelle started High School in a few weeks.  To celebrate, they had a turkey dinner that night.  The football player saw the leftover turkey and made a sandwich.  After about an hour, the tryptophan** in the turkey took effect and he feel asleep on the job, just as Michelle and Jennie started fighting again.  But unlike past fights, there was no one to stop them.  When Jennie (trying to defend herself) slashed Michelle's arm with one of her claws, Michelle lost her temper and unsheated her claws.  Just as Mike was coming home from his "date", he could hear Jennie whimper loudly for a second and then total silence.  Knowing that Michelle and Jennie had been violent in the past, Mike realized that they were fighting again.  Mike tried to get into the bedroom, but the door was locked.  Michelle was afraid of what he would think of her if Mike saw what she had done to Jennie.  He screamed at Michelle to unlock the door, but she nervously refused.  Then, fearing the worst, Mike punched through the door and unlocked it himself.  When he entered the room, he saw Michelle laying on her bed, curled up in the fetal position, scared out of her mind.  But that was nothing compared to what he saw next.  Mike saw 11-year old Jennie on the floor, seriously injured from several claw slashes across her chest.  Mike was both worried and furious at the same time.  He carried his injured sister out of the room and into the bathroom.  He tried his best to help his little sister, but she was too severely injured for him to treat her.  Jennie needed to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.  As he came home Mike noticed an unfamiliar car outside the house.  His parents told him that they were hiring someone to watch over his sisters while they were gone.  Mike looked over on the couch at "sleeping beauty" who had been sleeping there since he walked in the door and became angry.  Mike walked over to him and gave the football player a hard smack across the back of the head.  When he woke up, he saw a very angry golden fox snarling and yelling at him for falling asleep on the job.  Mike dragged him into the bathroom to show him what had happened to Jennie.  When the football player saw Jennie he became angry with himself, but Mike told him that his parents are going to be even angrier with him when they find out.  Mike told him to take Jennie to his car to be brought to the hospital while Mike called his parents.  As soon as he hung up he raced out the door into the car and sped off to the hospital, leaving Michelle all by herself for several hours.  As she lay there, in the dark, Michelle finally started to realize what she had done to her little sister.  That's when it had occured to her that she had been a terrible big sister.  Even though she and Mike were twins, Michelle finally felt that maybe she was supposed to do the same thing with Jennie as Mike had done with her.  Michelle began to whine softly for over an hour, not knowing if she had done the unthinkable to her sister.
Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mike, his parents, and that bumbling football player were all in the waiting room; hoping that Jennie would be OK.  While Todd and Melissa verbally bashed the football player for allowing Michelle to do that to Jennie, Mike sat very impatiently, waiting for more information on his little sister.
After a couple of hours, one of the emergency doctors came into the waiting room with more information.  Luckily, Mike's intervention and quick thinking saved Jennie's life and that she would be able to make a full recovery.  However, they suggested that she stay overnight for observation and that Todd and Melissa have a long discussion with Michelle.  Then before leaving, Mike and his parents were allowed to visit with Jennie for a few minutes.  Both her parents and her older brother nuzzled her multiple times, happy to see that she would be all right.  Afterwards, they left the room and told Jennie that she'd be able to come home tomorrow.  On the way home, Melissa had to drive because Todd was so angry with Michelle, He told Melissa that she was going to send Michelle to MILITARY school when they got home.  However, when he walked into the room earlier and saw Michelle lying in bed afraid, Mike could sense that she really did care about Jennie.  He came up with an idea that they would pretend that Jennie had not survived and see how Michelle reacted,  Todd eagerly accepted the idea from his son, but Melissa didn't think it was right to lie about that.  Mike explained to his mother that if Michelle didn't learn now, the next time they might have to go through it FOR REAL.  Melissa reluctantly agreed to go along with the charade and they put their plan into action as soon as they got home.  Michelle could hear her mother "crying" and her father trying to comfort her, Melissa went into the master bedroom overcome with "grief".  Todd went into the bedroom and laid a bouquet of roses he had bought on Jennie's bed to make it seem more convincing.  Todd didn't say anything to Michelle, he just put the roses on her bed and left.
The next morning, when Michelle woke up, she found Todd on the phone with the "funeral home" (it was actually Mike at his girlfriend's house, playing the part of the funeral home).  Michelle's eyes began to water and she tried to ask her father what was going on.  However, Todd ignored Michelle and continued to talk on the phone.  She then went into the master bedroom, where Melissa was "crying" while holding a picture of Jennie when she was six-months old.  She asked her mother why she was crying.  Melissa turned towards her daughter and snarled at her.  She then yelled at Michelle, telling her that Jennie was "dead" because of her and that she never wanted to look at Michelle again.  With that, Melissa turned her back on her daughter and ignored her.  Michelle immediately began crying and ran back into her bedroom.  With their extra-sensitive ears, Todd and Melissa could hear Michelle crying and saying that she didn't mean to "kill" Jennie, she just wanted to be with her brother.  That's when they decided to end the charade.  But not before Todd and Melissa said as they were leaving that they were going to pick up a casket for Jennie, making Michelle cry even more.  In actuality, they were going to pick up a casket,  However, they were gonna have Jennie "play dead" inside the casket until Michelle apologized to her little sister.  Despite being severely injured by Michelle, Jennie didn't harbor any anger towards her.  She realized that she can't continue to fight with Michelle forever, she's her big sister, and sisters are supposed to love each other, not fight.
A couple hours later, they returned home with Todd and Mike in the family car, and Melissa riding in a hearse with Jennie (alive and well) in the casket in the back.  Melissa wanted Michelle to see what she had done to her sister.  Emotionally disturbed, Michelle didn't want to see her "dead" sister.  But Melissa told her it is either that or she would have to turn her into the police.  Michelle reluctantly went with her mother to the hearse, where Todd and Mike were standing by, looking down at Jennie (who had been dressed in a traditional burial dress).  Michelle looked down and immediately broke into tears when she saw Jennie in the casket.  As soon as Michelle admitted that she didn't want Jennie to end up like that, Jennie rose up from the casket and put her nuzzle on hers.  Michelle opened her eyes to find Jennie, alive and well, and immediately hugged her little sister.  Michelle promised Jennie that she wouldn't fight with her anymore and that she would be a good big sister from now on.  Then Michelle turned to her parents in anger, after being tricked by them in thinking Jennie was dead when she really wasn't.  Todd and Melissa were quick to tell her that it wasn't their idea, it was Mike's.  Michelle turned to her brother and asked him why he wanted to trick her like that.  Mike explained to his sisters that they BOTH needed to learn a lesson and that this was the best way to do it.  He wanted to see if Michelle really did care about Jennie (which she did) and what would happen if Michelle had actually killed her sister.  But now, with that experience behind them, Michelle and Jennie had changed their ways.  Instead of fighting with each other, Michelle and Jennie started to spend time together.  Even though Michelle still missed sharing the room with Mike, she realized that they can't be together all the time, for several reasons and that he loved both of his sisters.
End of Act 3...finally!

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*: At the time of this act anyway.  No, it wasn't Melissa!
**: Pardon my Spelling