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The C-Files
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ACT 7: "The Final Decision"
(The more "family friendly" portion)

After several weeks of spending time with 12 potential mates, it had come down to this.  After spending a week with both Tammy and Laura separately, I was about to make my final decision.  However, I spend one more day with Tammy and Laura together before I made my final choice.  The original plan was to relax at "home" for a while and then take Laura and Tammy out to dinner before announcing my final decision afterwards.  But, the 100-inch plasma screen TV in the den crapped out while we were watching it, and we needed to buy a new one.  We got into the car and headed for Entertainment City in N. Victoria, where they had the latest in Television, Computer, and Video Game software.  Since Vulpes is 1,000 years ahead of earth time, and also Vulpines are on average more intelligent than humans (on earth anyways), Vulpine technology is far more advanced than current Earth technology.  The TV that was in the den was a birthday present for Tammy when she turned 18 from her twin sister Amanda*.  There were all sorts of plasma and "tru-color" TV's available, there were even a few holographic TV's that "put you inside the show", but we considered those to be a bit more than we needed.  While Tammy and Laura were looking at some of the larger TV's, I noticed that one of the smaller TV's nearby had a Twins game on it.  While I watched Johan Santana make the batters on the opposing team scratch their heads and Torii Hunter robbing yet another batter of a home run.  I began to miss being in Minnesota,  I missed going to the Mall of America and the State Fair.  In addition to that, my family and friends were probably wondering where I disappeared to.  I didn't know it, but shortly after I first arrived on Vulpes, my step-brother (wondering where I was) found the charred remains of the backpack that I always brought with me almost everywhere I went and a burnt spot on the concrete nearby.  They had basically assumed I was killed by lightning, when I was alive and well, just in a new form.  Tammy and Laura saw me watching the TV and came over to me.  They asked me why I was watching this TV, I told them the Twins game was on.  Laura scratched her head, not knowing who the Twins were...but Tammy knew.  She grew up in Minneapolis until she was 16, she was around when the Twins won both World Series titles.  Tammy knew that I was also from Minnesota and knew that I needed a few minutes.  That is until some jerk at the customer service counter used a remote control to change the station and telling me to "watch the game at home or buy the damn TV".  I wanted to unsheath my claws and jerk something from him...his SPINE!  If it wasn't for Tammy and Laura, I would have too.  When the manager of the store came to the counter and saw how angry I was, she tried to ask me what was going on...but I was still pissed off.  She asked Tammy why I was acting so hostile and she explained to the manager that I was watching the Twins game because I was from Minnesota and this jerk changed the channel.  To the manager, that explained why I was watching the game, but not why I was acting so strangely.  Then Tammy whispered in the manager's ear (she's a mousette) how I got to Vulpes and felt bad for me.  This wasn't the first time this had happened at this store with this same person, this situation occured twice before with other people arriving on Vulpes from the U.S. the same way I did and this jerk yelling at them as they watched something that reminded them of home.  As a result, the manager fired the jerk citing the stores "3 strikes policy" (this being "strike 3") and giving us 10% off the purchase of our new 120-inch "tru-color" tv with "tru-sound" and "natural-FX" lighting.
After returning home, Tammy and I watched the rest of the Twins game together in the den.  As Johan Santana was still on the mound three outs away from pitching the 6th "no-hitter" in team history*, I continued to think about what was happening back in Minnesota.  However, I had no way to get back home...or so I thought.  That's when Tammy asked me if I wanted to go to the State Fair with her in a couple of months (regardless of who I chose).  I quickly asked if she was talking about the Minnesota State Fair.  She giggled and told me that was what she meant.  At that time, I thought that maybe I could get back home to Minnesota after all.  However, there was one problem, I had changed form from human to fox.  Although the people in general have dealt with this situation before and don't seem to mind, it would be a tougher sell to explain it to my family.  Although I knew that they probably missed me, I didn't know what would happen if I tried to explain this to them.  Tammy seemed to understand what I was going through and hugged me tight.  At that time, I decided that although my family missed me, I figured that it would be better if they didn't know about what has happened to me.  It was the toughest decision I ever had to make and I would feel awful about it for several weeks afterwards.  However, for now at least, I didn't want them to see me in fox form.
Later on in the evening, Tammy, Laura and I got into the car and headed for the "Prime Cut" steakhouse for dinner**.  While we waited for dinner to arrive, Tammy and Laura were eager to find out who I chose to be my mate.  They kept begging me to tell them.  However, I explained to them that I wanted to have one more moment with both of them before announcing my decision.  Besides, I was extremely hungry, with so much to think about I didn't have much time for food today.  About two hours later, after I picked up two large boquets of roses for both vixens, we headed for home.  Upon arrival, I asked Tammy and Laura to wait for me downstairs in the living room while I got the ring I had purchased earlier.  A couple minutes later, I came back downstairs with the ring in my hand, ready to annouce my final choice.  Both Tammy and Laura eagerly awaited, hoping that I would choose them to be my mate.  I explained to them how much I enjoyed being with both of them, and how that I wish it were possible to marry both of them.  However, they had a strict rule of one female per male here and I could only choose one.  Out of the 12 available females, they were the cutest, sweetest, and yiffiest that I could choose from.
In the end, it came down to which vixen would be my best choice to have as a lifelong mate and to raise a family with.  With the speech over, both Tammy and Laura perked up their ears and waited for their name to be called.  Ever since I arrived on Vulpes, Tammy had been by my side.  She was a very attractive and loveable vixen, with a body that seemed to be perfectly designed to fit my yiffy needs.  Not only that, but she also used to live in Minnesota, and she liked the Twins.  Therefore, I gave the ring I had purchased in the beginning to her and gave her a loving lick on the cheek.  Tammy quickly accepted the proposal and was about to hop into my lap, but I stopped her so I could say goodbye to Laura.  I really didn't want to break her heart, because she was a lovely vixen as well.  However, Tammy and I fit each other very well and I couldn't say no to that.  Surprisingly, Laura took the news better than I thought.  She gave me a hug and explained to me that I was the first male that had been brought here that had gotten her this far and treated her so well.  It was hard for her to say goodbye to me; but the rule was I had to marry one female, not two.  Laura now knew that she was a desirable female (she wasn't so sure before) and that gave her hope of finding a mate of her own soon.  Then with one final kiss, she got into her car and headed home.  With the house empty, except for me and Tammy, it was time to celebrate the engagement.  I was about ready to take her upstairs and yiff her again; however, she asked me to wait until after the wedding to yiff so she could have her tubes untied and make our next yiff a productive one.  I agreed to wait, but I still carried her upstairs to the bedroom where we would spend the night together in bed, waiting for the magic moment to occur.
End of Act 7

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*: Amanda and Tammy look similar in some aspects, the main difference between the two is that Amanda is about 4" shorter and about 35 pounds lighter than Tammy (However, Tammy's extra weight is predominately in muscle mass).
**: Although foxes are omnivorous, like all wild canines, most of their diet consists of meat.
*: As of this point, Johan Santana has not had a "no-hitter" (although I wouldn't be surprised if he pitches one sooner or later).  The most recent Twins "no-hitter" (in case you are interested in that) was thrown by Eric Milton (now with Philadelphia).