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The C-Files
Episode 1-6
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ACT 6: "The Final Four"

After bringing the field down to four possible choices to be my mate, it was time to start yiffing.  I had to yiff with each female twice so I could...ahem..."get a good feeling of what she had to offer". (Look, I'm trying to make this as inoffensive as possible...OK?!!).  I was given some time to think about which females I wanted to yiff in what order.  Of course, I wanted to yiff with Tammy the most so she would end up being first.  After a while, I had come up with the order.
> Tammy
> Katie Lee
> Laura
> Beverly
I also decided to yiff each female once, and then yiff them a second time after going through the order once.  Now with the order set, it was time to begin yiffing.  Over the course of the next 8 days, I would end up yiffing each female twice.  Before I yiffed with Tammy the first time, I was extremely eager to find out what it was like to yiff with a vixen (or any female for that matter).  However, I appeared to be a bit too eager, when I yiffed her the first time I only lasted about 30 seconds.  Afterwards, I felt kinda bad, because Tammy deserved better than this.  However, Tammy could understand what I was feeling.  After all, in most cases, it takes a while for a human who has changed into a furry (in my case a fox) to adjust to the changes in body structure.  She comforted me and licked my cheek, to try to make me feel better.
As I worked my way through the rest of the order, I gradually got better.  By the time I got to my second yiff with Tammy, I lasted long enough to get the full feeling of a vixen (about 15 minutes).  While I yiffed her the second time, I felt that Tammy fitted me inside pretty well.  This, accompanied by her sweet and lovely personality, and her two sexy tails and sweet aroma, proved to be enough to put her in the finals.  With one female chosen, and one female left to decide, I continued to yiff the other 3 females.  After going through the order twice, I was ready to make the decision.
Tammy knew she was already in and I didn't have to tell her that.  However, the other finalist would be a much tougher decision to make.  Out of the four canine females, I lasted the longest when I yiffed Katie Lee.  However, her younger sister Laura felt better.  But I also thought that if I chose one of the two sisters, I might end up making the other one jealous.  Still, out of the three other females, Laura was the one I wanted to tie the most (other than Tammy).  So, later that day, I had made my decision and it was time to announce it to the remaining females in the group.
Tammy knew that she was already chosen and I didn't need to repeat myself.  The other three females waited to see who would be my other choice.  I eventually pointed to Laura and she became very happy that I had selected her.  Although Katie Lee was disappointed that she didn't get picked, she took it better than I thought she would.  It turns out that the last time the group went through this, Katie Lee was the one chosen as one of the finalists, along with another vixen that would end up being the winner of that particular "contest".  So she understood how her little sister felt when she didn't get picked before.  As far as Beverly was concerned, she was also disappointed.  When I yiffed her each time, Beverly got the feeling that I would've selected her to be a finalist, because of the (seemingly) large size of my knot when it was inside of her.  The truth was, it was the same size for all four females.  However, she knew that there would be other opportunities to find a mate, and she did have a preference for a male wolf to begin with, so she would get by.  Shortly after announcing the results, Katie Lee and Beverly left to go home.
Now, it was down to Tammy and Laura.  I was ready to start spending the time with each female right away.  However, Tammy told me that it is best to wait a day in order to get the best results.  I reluctantly agreed to wait until the next day to start spending time with Tammy and Laura separately.  That night, in my bedroom, Tammy and Laura came to bed with me to spend one more night together before the final decision would begin.  Each vixen snuggled close to me and constantly licked my nuzzle happily.  It felt so good that I wished that I could choose both of them.  Although this was legal on Vulpes as long as both females were "OK" with it, this is not the way they've done things here.  I would have to make a decision between Tammy and Laura and I would have to make absolutely sure I did it right.  But for now, I could enjoy the last few hours together with both vixens as I slowly began to fall asleep.
End of Act 6

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