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The C-Files
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ACT 8: "The Wedding"
NOTE: Because of certain circumstances that you will read about in this act, our wedding isn't going to be a "traditional" one*

The final choice has been made and all of the other females have gone home to wait for the next eligible bachelor to come to them.  As for Tammy and I, we had to plan for our wedding.  When I had announced that I had chosen her as one of the two finalists, Tammy had gone out and gotten bridal catalogs from nearly every bridal boutique in the Victoria Metro Area.  On our first night together alone, while Tammy and I were in bed and she began going through one of the catalogs.  I started to feel depressed, Tammy could see that I wasn't in a cheerful mood and asked me why I felt like I did.  I explained to Tammy that I wanted to marry her very much, but I didn't know what I was going to tell my parents or even IF I should tell them.  Tammy quickly remembered that I used to be human and that I was afraid of what would happened if I had become a fox, let alone being engaged to one.  She tried her best to comfort me by nuzzling and licking my cheek with her tongue.  That's when Tammy got an idea, she asked me if I had heard of the "genetic mixture" method of being married.  Naturally, since I came from Minnesota, I had no idea what she was talking about.  Tammy explained to me since that both of us were foxes and can be tied together like all canines, we are entitled to get married under this method.  What we would have to do is apply for a "GM marriage license" and then in order to validate it, I would have to impregnate Tammy.  Then, to make her family happy, we could have a traditional wedding ceremony.  Although I would've liked to tell my family that I was getting married, because of the circumstances it would involve, this was probably the best thing to do for both of us.  I explained to Tammy that I would marry her under the "genetic mixture" method and then hold a traditional ceremony for her family.  Tammy snuggled close to me and gave me a loving nuzzle before we turned out the lights and went to sleep.
The next day, Tammy and I needed to go to the Victoria County Government Building to apply for a "GM license".  But before we could apply for the license, I had to get a note from Tammy's mother that said that it was OK for me to marry her daughter under this method.  I explained the situation to Diana (Tammy's mom) and she agreed to let me marry her daughter under the "GM method" as long as we had a traditional ceremony as well.  I gave my mother-in-law to be a hug, thanking her for her help and allowing me to marry her only remaining daugther (at least only remaining SINGLE daughter).  But before I left, Diana stopped me for one moment and explained that besides Amanda, Tammy was all she had left.  Her husband and all of Tammy and Amanda's siblings were killed in a car accident when Tammy was 16.  She made me promise that once I marry her daughter that I stay with her and produce lots of grandpups for her.  I blushed and explained to her that I'd do the best I can.  Then Tammy and I went to the government building and got our license.  But the journey wasn't complete yet...before I could impregnate Tammy, she had to have her fallopian tubes untied.  I took Tammy down to the same clinic where she had her tubes tied several years before and waited while she was in the operating room having the ties removed.  An hour or so later, Tammy and the surgeon came out of the operating room and announced that the operation was successful and Tammy was now able to become pregnant.  I gave her a hug and kiss before carrying Tammy to the car to return home.
Later that evening, Tammy and I went upstairs into the same room that we had our first yiff in during Super Hurricane Alex.  This time however, it was a beautiful early autumn evening and also this time we would yiff for real.  Because she was now fertile, Tammy seemed to be yiffier than she was the first time we yiffed, and it showed when I began to yiff my mate for the first time as a "married" couple.  This time we yiffed for nearly 3 hours and we were tied together for most of that time.  Just to be sure, Tammy and I yiffed each night for the next 3 nights, until it was time for the traditional wedding.  We got married in the same field that I first arrived on Vulpes in.  In fact, there was still an indentation in the ground near the altar from where my charred bike crash landed.  Most of her family didn't know why we had chosen this particular spot for the wedding until it actually begun.  As Tammy dictated her wedding vows, she explained how when I landed in the field she could tell that I had a lot of love to give and that's why she took me in and did what she could to help me on my new home planet, and that she was glad I chose her to be my mate.  After the vows, exchange of rings, and ceremonial nuzzle**; Tammy and I got into a limo that I rented and went to the same hotel that I went to when I spent the week with Laura.  There we picked up where we left off the night before, yiffing constantly for 3 more days.  By the time it was over, I felt very tired and Tammy's womb was completely full from the yiffing.  However, we were both happy with each other and the two of us waited to see if our yiffiness paid off.
A week later, Tammy's belly was still sticking out a bit and by that time what I had put into her should have either leaked out of her body or been absorbed and broken down in nutrients.  Tammy and I thought that she might be pregnant, so she made an appointment with the doctor to check.  The next day, when she came back from the doctor's office, Tammy didn't say one word.  Instead, she hugged me, licked my cheek and placed my hands on her belly.  Then she told me that we should start thinking of names for our 5 fox pups inside of her.  I immediately hugged and licked her back.  The confirmation of her pregnancy made our marriage license officially valid, completing the complicated procedure to get to this point.  Each night, Tammy and I sit outside at sunset, nuzzling each other while I rub her belly, giving support to our pups developing within.  Later on, on a subsequent visit to the doctor, we found out that our 5 pups were 2 (male) fox pups and 3 vixen pups (a pair of identical twins, and another two-tailed vixen pup).  She was so happy that Tammy wanted to name one of our sons after me.  However, being modest I didn't want to do that (besides I don't know if the term "Jr." would go well with my name as it is.)  But I did have an idea to name our twin-tailed daughter after her mother.  Tammy smiled and hugged me tight when I told her I wanted to name our daughter in her name.  And this is basically where we are right now, with Tammy nearing full-term and the house ready for the arrival of our first litter.  The future looks bright for Tammy and I with 5 fox pups on the way, and the plans for additional litters in the near future.  But that's another story for another time.
This is the end of Episode 1, there will be an Epilogue act coming in January 2005, explaining how Tammy and I spend our first few months together as a couple and parents.  It will also explain what happened to the 11 other females that were not chosen.

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*: By "earth-standards" anyway.  Vulpine standards are slightly different than those of earth (for obvious reasons).
**: Most of the time, when two Vulpines get married they nuzzle instead of kissing, since it is difficult for them to kiss (because of the length of their nuzzle).