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***Vulpine Anatomy (Biological Weapons)***
Miscellaneous Information

Figure 1: Controlled Rabies Intensity Scale
The following table describes what each intensity level means and how dangerous it is to those who AREN'T immune to it. 
NOTE: Not all vulpine species have controlled rabies, and the ones that do very rarely use it outside of a immune-system booster.
ALSO NOTE: Although Alpha Golden Foxes and Hedgehogs contain level 5 rabies and can conceivably kill someone within MINUTES, they only activate their highly intense rabies when they are in a life-threatening situation and/or when hunting rats (in the case of Alpha Golden Foxes).  No humans have ever been intentionally given Level 5 Rabies (at least not since Mike and Michelle have been around), though a handful have gotten it un-intentionally (none have died because of this, since the vector didn't want the human to die*.)
Figure 2: Alpha Golden Fox Chemical Weapons

This table shows all the chemical weapons that Alpha Golden Foxes (such as Mike and Michelle) have and what exactly they are capable of.

Figure 1: Controlled Rabies Intensity Scale
Intensity Level Threat Level Typical Vectors** Description
1 Non-fatal Some mousettes Causes some minor flu-like symptoms and a few weak muscle spasms, but does not require treatment (symptoms usually go away within a week or so).
2 Low Some mousettes Flu-like symptoms and occasional muscle spasms, usually non-fatal unless injected into someone with a weak immune system (symptoms usually last 1 week with treatment, 2 to 3 weeks without).
3 Moderate Pure white mousettes, Male Foxes, Coyotes (both M and F), Male Raccoons. Typical Earth Rabies, symptoms include flu-like conditions, loss of appetite and extreme drowsiness. Can be fatal if untreated. (With treatment, most individuals recover in a couple months).
4 High Female Raccoons, Vixens Severe flu-like symptoms, convulsions, can potentially lead to either pneumonia and/or heart attack. Level 4 Rabies can kill within as little as a week, so it is imperitave to get treatment ASAP.
5 EXTREME Alpha Golden Foxes, Hedgehogs Causes intense and constant convulsions and muscle spasms, usually concentrated in the most critical areas (heart, lungs, spine, etc.) Symptoms begin from 5 to 30 minutes after injection and are fatal within as little as 30 minutes after first symptoms. The only cure is a blood transfusion from the very same individual that causes the symptoms...BUT BEWARE, Alpha Golden Foxes also contain a plethora of hemotoxins and neurotoxins, and highly acidic blood, so protective measures would be needed for treatment.

Figure 2: Alpha Golden Fox Chemical Weapons
Chemical Weaponry What it does
As soon as it is injected, it attacks the walls of blood vessels causing them to weaken and eventually leak, causing hemorrages. If these attack vital blood vessels and/or attack a large number of blood vessels, someone could bleed to death internally within a short amount of time
(Nerves, Muscles)
Upon injection, this attacks the nervous system causing certain nerves to mis-fire, creating convulsions which may be amplified by the effects of Level 5 Rabies (mentioned earlier). Eventually, the mis-firing nerves cause muscle spasms throughout the body and can eventually lead to either a massive heart attack or brain death.
Hydrochloric Acid This is only injected when an Alpha Golden Fox is either REALLY mad or is in life-threatening danger. The acid super-charges the hemotoxin, causing it to break down the walls of blood vessels much faster, often leading in a very quick death. It is important to note that Alpha Golden Foxes have this in their blood as a part of their incredibly strong immune system (which is part of the reason why adults are immortal). If someone were to receive a blood transfusion from an Alpha Golden Fox, they would need to be injected with an acid buffer first. Alpha Golden Foxes are protected from the acid inside their bodies, but humans don't have this same protection.

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*: Mike and Michelle have never activated their level 5 rabies around humans (at least that's what they say), so the accidental injections occur from female hedgehogs while in defensive mode.
**: In case you are wondering, the word vector can be used for other things besides mathematics.  In this case, vectors are considered common sources for that particular level.