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Intraspecies Relationships
***Horse Couples*** 

Horses are pretty rare on Vulpes, there are fewer than 50,000 on the entire planet, meaning that they are eligible for species diversity assistance from the Vulpine government.  In most cases, relationships between Stallions and Mares are predominately yiffy ones (where the stallion studs the mare), this is not because Stallions and Mares can't get along, it's mainly because Mares outnumber Stallions by about 2 to 1.
Relationship Traits
How stallions and mares usually meet: Usually whenever a mare is in the market for a stud, they will sign up for the species diversity program where they will receive ad space on the agency's website and/or weekly newsletter (since mares are only receptive for a few days per month, they have to work fast; more on this shortly.)
However, a handful of mares prefer to have a stallion as a mate, rather than just a stud.  These mares usually look for a stallion that is a highly caring individual that would like to create foals together.  Stallion/Mare couples often sign up for the species diversity program as well.
Developing a meaningful relationship: It depends if the mare wants a meaningful relationship, if a mare is just interested in a stallion as a stud then it doesn't matter to her what the stallion is like.  However, for mares looking for actual mates, it is relatively simple to develop a strong bond with a stallion.  Most stallions are compassionate and gentle towards mares and their offspring.
Special Emotional Traits: None
Mating Season: None (BUT, Mares only have limited fertility, much like human females.  Mares can only reproduce for a few days per month, although they can potentially yiff at any time*).
Stallion reproductive characteristics: Stallions have a very long (usually 12-18" long) and very powerful penis, with a semi-flexible flat head.  The head of the stallion's penis can swell to the size of a softball when approaching climax, the rest of the shaft is about the same thickness of the barrel of a baseball bat.
Mare reproductive characteristics: When mares are receptive, their vaginal lips will rhythmically open and close (AKA: "winking"), giving stallions a good indication of when they are fertile.
The yiffy experience: Once a stallion sees a mare "wink" at him, he's determined to yiff the mare.  Yiffy encounters between stallions and mares are usually short-lived, but very intense.  Sometimes it will take multiple attempts for a stallion to actually penetrate the mare's vulva, but when he does he'll drive it as far as he can get it into the mare.  The yiff session usually lasts between about 1 to 2 minutes, with the stallion pumping copious amounts of semen into the mare.  Unfortunately, since mares cannot hold semen as well as other Vulpine fems, some of the semen sloshes out when the stallion finishes yiffing her.
> Typical sperm count per yiffy encounter: 1 billion to 5 billion
> Typical "batting average"**: about 20%
> Average time needed for recovery between yiffy encounters: 1-3 hours
> Average age of reaching sexual maturity: 14
> Average age of first sexual encounter*: 18
> Average number of egg cells released during yiff (if any): 1 (very rarely 2)
> Average litter size: Almost always just one
> Maximum litter size: 3 (exceptionally rare)
> Typical number of litters a mare will give birth to in her lifetime: 2 to 6 (Mares that are just interested in studs can have upwards of 10-15 foals)
> Gestation: About 1 year
> Average age of reaching sexual maturity: 14
> Average age of first sexual encounter*: 19
Parental Roles
Stallions (Studs): No real parental role outside of reproduction
Stallions (Mates): Although most of the parental responsibility falls on the mare's shoulders, Stallions will often protect and play with their foals to make them stronger for when they are adults.
Mares: Mares often do most of the parental chores just as non-anthro mares usually care for the foals in real-life.  Because of the long gestation period, newborn foals are very well developed when they enter the world.  The average foal by the start of 1st grade is (on average) 12 to 18" taller than all other Vulpines.
Overall: Although most mares usually only seek a stud, those seeking a mate are rarely disappointed.  Stallions are generally compassionate and will look out for the mare's as well as their foals well-being.  However, because mares are usually more interested in a stud than a mate, I'm going to be conservative with the score here.
Overall strength of relationship (on a 0-10 scale*): 8

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*:  Although mares can be yiffed at any time, 99.9% of all mares don't usually like being yiffed when they are not receptive.
**: Batting average = approximate amount of sperm cells that make it to a female's fallopian tubes while still having a chance to fertilize any available egg cells.
*: Remember, on Vulpes, Vulpines are considered adults at 16.  High school age teens that have not yet reached official adulthood are allowed to yiff as long as the parents of both individuals consent and the couple uses contraception (it is required by law that all 14 and 15 year olds that do yiff between each other to use contraception)
*: Using this scale 0 = Impossible (Male and Female too hostile to be together), 5 = Average, 10 = Inseperable (Male and Female are extremely close and wouldn't want to be apart for any reason...not even death).