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The C-Files
Episode 7-17
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Intraspecies Relationships
***Deer Couples*** 

Over the years, the deer population has been fluctuating; mainly because the does got tired of being yiffed by the bucks the way their four-legged ancestors would normally yiff them.  Although the does were able to cross-breed with other species, the buck population has shrunk considerably over the last 100 years, until vixens started allowing them to cross-breed.  After that, the buck population has slowly increased once again, but does outnumber bucks by about 4 to 1.
Relationship Traits
How bucks and does usually meet: It partially depends on what the doe's mood is.  In most cases, she will be interested in finding a mate rather than a yiff partner.  However, in a handful of cases, the does have become so independent that they feel like they could raise children by themselves and only need the males to stud them.
For does looking for a mate, she will usually seek out a buck that has some fox DNA (since these bucks are usually more faithful and make better fathers).  If this is the case, it is important for the buck to hold back his instincts until it is time to yiff.
For does looking for a stud, she really doesn't care if the buck she chooses is a full-blood buck or is part-fox (though she usually prefers the latter).  All she is interested in is having a family that she can raise herself, she doesn't need the buck's help (even if he wants to help her).
Developing a meaningful relationship: Again, for those wanting to seek meaningful relationships, self-control is the key for bucks.  It is natural that all bucks (even those who are part-fox) want to yiff does as soon as possible.  But if he wants to have a mate, he has to keep his sexual desires to himself until the time is right.  Bucks that are part-fox have an easier time at this than full-blood bucks.
Special Emotional Traits: The only real special emotional trait that deer have belong to does.  Whenever a doe feels yiffy, they will flag the male using their short and fluffy tail.
Mating Season: September through November (peaking in the first 1/2 of October)
Buck reproductive characteristics: Bucks have a long and narrow penis (usually between 12 and 15" in length), this allows them to penetrate deeply into a doe and deliver his seed directly into her womb.  Also, full-blood bucks have testicles that drain on one massive blast, they quickly re-load after sex (usually taking an hour or less to refill before the male is ready to yiff again).
Doe reproductive characteristics: Out of all Vulpine species, does are the most likely to give birth to human offspring (even if yiffed by another Vulpine*).  In addition, does have very strong backs and can easily support a male that weighs as much as 10x as much as they do with little discomfort.
The yiffy experience: For full-blood bucks and does (either full-blood or part-vixen), the yiffy experience is usually very quick (much like real deer).  The buck will mount the doe, maybe give a few thrusts to get a feel for his yiff partner and then eagerly lunge forward, inseminating the doe in one massive blast.  Bucks that are part-fox are slower and more gentle when it comes to yiff, giving a chance for the doe to enjoy the experience as well.
> Typical sperm count per yiffy encounter: 500 million to 3 billion**
> Typical "batting average"***: about 50%
> Average time needed for recovery between yiffy encounters: Usually less than 1 hour
> Average age of reaching sexual maturity: 13
> Average age of first sexual encounter*: 20 for full-blood bucks (18 for bucks w/fox DNA)
> Average number of egg cells released during yiff (if any): 1-3
> Average litter size: usually one in their first litter, usually two each successive litter.
> Maximum litter size: 3-4 for full-blood does (3-6 for does that are part-vixen)
> Typical number of litters a doe will give birth to in her lifetime: 2 to 4
> Gestation: About 7 months (slightly less for does that are part-vixen)
> Average age of reaching sexual maturity: 12
> Average age of first sexual encounter*: 20 for full-blood does (17 for does that are part-vixen)
Parental Roles
In most cases, full-blood bucks usually have no parental role outside of reproduction.  Bucks w/fox DNA however are more responsible and do share some duties in raising a family.  However, since the does usually account for most of the parental role, I won't go into it here.  In addition, most fawns bond with their mother far more than their father (which will make her male offspring more sensitive when they are adults).  In short, although some bucks will help raise the fawns, the does end up doing most of the parental work (although they do like to share it with their mate if he's willing...that's why does usually cross-breed with foxes).
Overall: Full-blood bucks usually don't make very good fathers (although they tend to produce the strongest offspring).  Bucks w/fox DNA are better fathers and more sensitive to the does' needs.  HOWEVER, since bucks and does still have some issues, the relationship is only going to receive an "average" score (which is probably generous).  The truth is that bucks and does are usually happier cross-breeding.
Overall strength of relationship (on a 0-10 scale*): 5

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*:  It is possible (although exceptionally rare) for a Vulpine to have human offspring without yiffing or being yiffed by a human.
**: This varies based on the time of the year as well as how often a particular buck yiffs with a female (or females)
***: Batting average = approximate amount of sperm cells that make it to a female's fallopian tubes while still having a chance to fertilize any available egg cells.
*: Remember, on Vulpes, Vulpines are considered adults at 16.  High school age teens that have not yet reached official adulthood are allowed to yiff as long as the parents of both individuals consent and the couple uses contraception (it is required by law that all 14 and 15 year olds that do yiff between each other to use contraception)
*: Using this scale 0 = Impossible (Male and Female too hostile to be together), 5 = Average, 10 = Inseperable (Male and Female are extremely close and wouldn't want to be apart for any reason...not even death).