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The C-Files
Episode 2-7
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ACT 7: The Golden Fox Rule

After graduating from Fox Valley High, Mike and Michelle went off to Oakwood College to get their degrees, since they were both highly intelligent and determined to make the business their father had started more successful, they both graduated (w/straight A+ GPA's) in just ONE YEAR!  During their year in college, Vulpes was in the middle of the Rat war.  Where several thousand rats lead by a female rat (who looked like a mousette) known as "The Troublemaker" terrorized the planet, especially the foxes, mice and humans.  During their year in college, the Vulpine military, which was much stronger now than it was during the first Rat wars (see Episode 5-2), was able to keep the rats out of the islands and the mainland for the most part.  However, just a few weeks after Mike and Michelle graduated from college, the rats carried out an attack in the city of Hennepin at the southeastern end of Mason Island, setting off a powerful bomb in the middle of Downtown, killing thousands.  Naturally, when Mike and Michelle heard about this they both became extremely angry and wanted to do what their ancestors did.  However, the two siblings were torn between their duties as Alpha Golden Foxes and their normal lives.  At that time, Mike and Michelle decided that they could fulfill both if each one of them took one part of the job.  Since Mike was initially given IBN and he had a football career to tend to, Michelle volunteered to join the military and attack the rats where they lived (on Rat Island...more on that later).  Mike really wanted to go, but with business deals and his first IFL season on the horizon, he needed to stay.  However, Mike knew that there were rats in Mason Island already, disguised as mousettes, so he too would have a chance to exercise his powers as an Alpha Golden Fox...although not as frequently.
By early August 2994, Michelle was off to Rat Island and Mike was at training camp for the new IFL season.  As soon as Michelle arrived on the island, she was immediately met by a group of about 1,000 rats.  The rats attacked her with their ammunition, even hitting her with a small nuclear bomb.  To the rats horror, Michelle was completely uninjured and absorbed the radioactivity into her body without any damage.  They quickly realized that Michelle was no ordinary vixen, she was an ALPHA Golden Vixen.  Michelle gave them no chance to run and sent one massive bolt of lightning crashing down onto the hoard, frying all but a few rats instantly, as for the rest...well, Michelle did what a normal fox would do to a normal rat...pounced on them, ripped them to shreds with her razor sharp claws and ripped out various vital organs until each rat was dead and her nuzzle and hands were covered in blood.  She repeated this over and over again until only one rat escaped her wrath.  When the surviving rat made it back to "The Troublemaker", she told her about how this one golden vixen destroyed her entire hoard and that Michelle was much more powerful than the original Alpha Golden Foxes.  When "The Troublemaker" heard that, she knew her life was in great danger and that Michelle would almost certainly decimate the rest of the rat population in a very short amount of time.  As a result, the Troublemaker quickly went out an emergency escape tunnel with only about a dozen of her top commanders before Michelle had a chance to find her hideout and destroy it with one massive fireball.  All the other rats had been decimated by Michelle and the Troublemaker's hideout was nothing but a smoking crater.  Though the rat population had been dealt a significant blow, Michelle knew that the war wasn't over.  Even if she had killed the Troublemaker, there were still rats on the islands back home and the world wouldn't be at peace until the last rat was destroyed.  Meanwhile, several hundred miles away underneath the water, the Troublemaker and her commanders were in a submarine heading for Mason Island, thinking that it would take Michelle a while to figure out what happened and come after them.  Little did the Troublemaker knew that Michelle had a twin brother that was even MORE powerful than she was!
Meanwhile, back on Mason Island...Mike continued to stay at home, running what would become IBN and playing football for Mason City.  In whatever spare time he could get, he devoted some of it to hunting rats whereever they were hiding.  Mike did manage to find and kill several dozen rats, preventing future attacks on Mason Island for the most part, while his sister was going throughout Vulpes rooting out the rats on the mainland and the other islands.  However, despite their efforts, the Troublemaker did manage to carry out one last attack in Mason City (see Episode 3-2).  Although the twins tried their best to destroy the rats for good, more innocent lives were lost before Michelle returned from the islands.  Once Mike and Michelle were reunited, they could work together to help end the rat plague once and for all.  The twins spent every free moment they had hunting down the remaining rats one by one, killing them as soon as they found them, preventing any future attacks.  Then, there was only The Troublemaker and her group.  Mike and Michelle had absolutely no idea where they were until an alert young fox discovered something odd about a "mousette" that bit a human's hand at a fast-food restaurant in Tacoma.  When they received the tip, Mike was scheduled to go to Tacoma that evening for a meeting with the manager of the local IBN affiliate, he'd be able to intercept the Troublemaker while he was there and hopefully kill her once and for all...for the rest of this part of the story, see Episode 3-4.
Once the Troublemaker had been killed, all of the rats were finally dead and Vulpes was once again in peace...HOWEVER, Mike and Michelle retained their Alpha Golden Fox characteristics, which meant that maybe there would be another threat to Vulpes down the road...but for now, it's still peaceful.
End of Act 7

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