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The C-Files
Episode 8-2
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***Introduction (Part 2)*** 

Before you go on to the rest of the episode, if you would like you can take a look on this page.  I have listed all existing species on Vulpes as well as their overall compatability with humans*. 

Canine Species
Most Normal Foxes (1st-4th Gen.) Golden Foxes (1st-4th Gen.) Two-tailed Foxes (all types) Three-tailed foxes** (all types) Blue Vixens** (Female only species) True Red (Fire) Vixens**
Kit Foxes Fennec Foxes Wolves Coyotes Domestic Dogs (all types) Dingoes

Feline Species
Domestic Cats (all types) Lionesses (Female only species) Tigresses (Female only species) Panthers (Female only species) Cheetahs (Female only species)

Rodent Species
Mice (all variations) Rabbits Hamsters (Female only species) Squirrels Beavers (Female only species) Chipmunks (Female only species)

Bears (and Related Species)
Black Bears (Female only species) Brown Bears (Female only species) "Honey" Bears (Female only species) Polar Bears (Female only species) Pandas (Female only species) Raccoons

Minks (and Related Species)
Minks (all types) Ferrets Mongoose Meerkats

Hooved Species
Deer (all types) Gazelles Impalas Horses Sheep (Female Only Species)

Miscellaneous Species (not cross-breeds)
Kangaroos Hedgehogs (Female only species) Koalas (Female only species Dolphins Orcas Otters

Collifoxes Collmatians Coonfoxes Doemares (Female only species) Doevixens (Female only species) Foxy Mousettes (Female only species)
Hamousettes (Female only species) Hedgemice Kangadoes (Female only species) Kangafoxes Kangamice Meerfoxes
Merfoxes Pandacoons Sealfoxes Vixeness (Female only species) Foxphins Sea Vixens(Female only species)

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*: Compatability with Humans refers to both reproductive as well as emotional.

GREEN = Highly Compatable (most relationships in this category end up in marriage as well as a large family)
ORANGE = Moderately Compatable (most relationships in this category are primarily yiffy ones, some end up in marriage and families).
RED = Marginally Compatable (most relationships in this category are strictly yiffy due to differences in anatomy and/or environment...although the individuals may also be emotionally attached at times).
**: Extremely Rare Variation