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The C-Files
Episode 8-1
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***Introduction (Part 1)*** 

As you may have noticed, there are some major anatomical differences between Humans and Vulpines.  Besides the obvious ones, there are also differences in the reproductive systems, as well as other features that Vulpines have and humans do not.  In this series I will be explaining the differences between Humans and Vulpines.  There are two separate parts to this series.

Part 1: Humans v. Vulpines

This series will look at some of the differences between humans and Vulpines (both physically and emotionally).  Some of the differences will include special abilities, emotions, reproduction, among others.

Part 2: Vulpine comparisons

This series will look at the differences (mainly anatomically) between the different species.  Some examples will include...reproduction/yiff, diet, fur appearance and texture, special physical traits, among others.

That's basically all I have to say in this section for now, the introduction to this episode continues with Act 2.

End of Act 1

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