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***The Vulpine Sports World***
(Football: IFL)

In the beginning, when football was first introduced, it was predominately played at the college level only.  However, in the early 2900's a new professional football league was created in the Island.
The Birth of the IFL
The IFL was officially born in 2903 with 8 teams...Delano (now Mason City), Dolphin City, Lake City, Center City, Adams, Miles City, Henson, and Wilson.  During the next couple of decades, additional teams were added and by 2950 there were 16 teams in the IFL.  Between 2950 and now, the league has doubled again to 32 teams.
The IFL Season
When the league was first created, each time played all the other teams in the league 2x in the regular season (14 total games).  However, as new teams were added, more games were added, and now there are four divisions of 8 teams each.  Each team now plays 22 games per season (2 games per team in their division + 4 in the other division + 4 in the other conference).
After the regular season, the top 4 teams in each division advance to the playoffs.  The post-season works as follows...
> Division Semi-finals (#1 v. #4 & #2 v. #3 in each division)...8 total games
> Division Finals (Semi-Final winners...high seed hosts lower seed)...4 total games
> Conference Finals (Final w/best record is home team)...2 total games
> ULTRA BOWL (Northern Conference Champion v. Southern Conference Champion)...IFL Equivalent of the Super Bowl.
NOTE: Before 2999, the "Ultra Bowl" was merely called the IFL Championship...However, mainly due to the influence of the Super Bowl, the IFL decided to call the championship game the "Ultra Bowl"
For the most part, the IFL is modeled very similarly to the NFL...However, there are some exceptions.
> The IFL playing field is 200 yards long (excluding end-zones)
> Intermissions in IFL games are longer (5 minutes between 1st and 2nd Quarters as well as between the 3rd and 4th Quarter, 20 minutes of halftime).
> The first possession of the game, as well as the first possession of the 2nd half automatically start at mid-field.
> The amount of points scored for certain types of Touchdowns and Field Goals are different (based on distance from the goal)...up to 17 points for a Kickoff return for TD (since the kicking team kicks the ball from mid-field...which would be the distance from goalline to goalline in the NFL), and up to 5 points for a field goal (from 50 or more yards out).
For information about individual IFL teams, records, etc. please go to Episode 6-4b.

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