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Episode 6-3
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***The Vulpine Sports World***

As is the case on Earth, Vulpes has had a rich history in sports and sporting events.  Starting around 2,500 years ago with the first Vulpine Olympics to sports that we all know and love today.  For the most part, I will only go into sports that almost everyone is familiar with (I.E. Football, Baseball, etc.)  However, there are other sporting events that are unique to Vulpes that I will also have to explain (I'll give you a hint, many of these are related to what their four-legged ancestors would do)...but I'm not going to get into that right now.  First, I will go through the major sports. (There will be separate parts on each of the sports that I list below eventually).
Football (Date of origin on Vulpes: 2800's): Tackling, QB Sacks, Reverses, and more football related stuff can be found here.  (For this topic, I will be focusing in on the IFL...the Vulpine equivalent of the NFL).
Baseball (Date of origin on Vulpes: around 2900): Home Runs, Stolen Bases, RBI's, and much more baseball related stuff can be found in this category.  (For this topic, I will be focusing on the ILB...Island League Baseball.  Also, there are quite a few Twins fans on Mason Island...naturally*, I will also explain how this came into being)
Basketball (Date of origin on Vulpes: around 2900): Slam Dunks, Double-Doubles, Free Throws, and more can be found here (For this topic I will focus on the ICAA college basketball tournament...which makes the NCAA tournament look small by comparison**.)
Hockey (Date of Origin on Vulpes: 2950's): The newest major sport on Vulpes...Slap Shots, Highsticking, Fighting, and more can be found here.  (For this topic I will focus on the VHA...Vulpine Hockey Alliance)
Soccer (Date or Origin on Vulpes: around 2950): Introduced to Vulpes by European tourist/soccer players, this sport is becoming more popular on Vulpes quite rapidly (especially on the mainland).  For this topic I will be focusing on the MSA...Mainland Soccer Alliance and all the affiliated leagues
Stock Car Racing (Date of Origin on Vulpes: around 2950): Pit stops, crashes, Checkered Flags, and more can be found here.  (For this topic, I will focus on the ISRL...see Episode 6-2 for more information until this one is available).
Vulpine-native Sports (Dates of Origin: Highly variable): Sports that you can only find on Vulpes, some of which date back to when the planet was much younger and was more like Earth.
Anyway, that's all I have to say for now to get you started.  Now, all you have to do is figure out where you want to go next...use the table below to help you out.
End of Act 3

Individual Sports Pages
Act # Sport Focus
4 Football IFL
5 Baseball ILB, Minnesota Twins and Mason Island
6 Basketball ICAA Tournament
7 Hockey VHA
8 Soccer MSA and affiliates
9 Stock Car Racing ISRL
10 Other Vulpine-native sports

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*: Because...A: See Episode 2, B: GUESS WHO I WORK FOR!!!
**: If anyone from the NCAA is reading this, you should know that this is a FICTIONAL STORY, There is no real-life comparison to the NCAA Basketbal Tournament.