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Episode 7-5
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Top 10 Interspecies Relationships
***#3 M Mouse + Vixen*** 

Stat Pack: M Mouse
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility
5'4"-5'8" 130-160 lbs Very High

Stat Pack: Vixen
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility Avg Litter Size Max. Litter Size
5'5"-5'10" 110-140 lbs High 4-8 9-12

The origin of this relationship.
As male foxes cross-bred with mousettes, vixens started to feel yiffy desires towards the male mice.  A few years after the M Fox/Mousette relationship was first created, a group of about 6 vixens wanted to be yiffed by a male mouse.  At first, when the vixens "caught" the mouse, that mouse was afraid for his life.  However, they only wanted yiff and had no intentions of hurting him.  The mouse yiffed all six vixens and ended up impregnating them all, resulting in the birth of over 40 children (both foxes and mice).  The vixens were so happy that they told their friends and the M Mouse/Vixen relationship started to increase in popularity after that.
Why they cross-breed
The main reason why M Mice and Vixens cross-breed is because they enjoy the feeling of yiff.  The vaginal walls of a vixen are very hot and tight (designed to accomodate a canine knot).  This makes the naturally yiffy mouse even more sexually aroused.  In addition, male mice produce a large amount of very high density semen that is designed to stick inside a female.
What they offer each other
M Mouse: Very High Fertility (male mice can put up to 2 BILLION sperm cells into a vixen, male mice can also yiff a vixen several times in a short period of time*).
Vixen: Highly yiffable (vixens are very hot and very tight, non-canine males can be aroused quite quickly when yiffing a vixen).  Warm and thick fur (especially during the winter), vixens will allow male mice to snuggle with them if they so desire.
Other Information
Unlike Earth, foxes do not eat (or intentionally harm) mice.  Their natural instinct to pounce on and kill mice has been converted to a natural yiff instinct.  There is little danger for a male mouse in a yiffy relationship with a vixen**.
End of Act 5...For a sample of a M Mouse/Vixen yiffy relationship, please see Act 5b.

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*: Usually, male mice can yiff a female once and then be ready to yiff her again in anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.
**: Although there is a marginal risk involved if a vixen wants to have oral sex with the male mouse.