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Episode 7-4
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Top 10 Interspecies Relationships
***#2 M Fox + F Domestic Cat*** 

Stat Pack: M Fox
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility
5'9"-6'3" 150-200 lbs Moderate

Stat Pack: F Domestic Cat
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility Avg Litter Size Max. Litter Size
5'4"-5'8" 100-125 lbs High 5-10 12-15

Although the M Fox/F Domestic Cat relationship is not as common as some other interspecies relationships, it is among the oldest and strongest interspecies on Vulpes (hence the #2 rating).
The origin of this relationship.
Prior to the formation of this relationship (about 2,000 years ago), domestic cat fems would be yiffed by their male counterparts.  Female Domestic Cats have soft and very tender vaginal walls, and when a male domestic cat yiffed with the female, the barbs of his penis would sting the female from inside, inflicting pain.  Eventually, the female domestic cats got sick of being "speared" by their male counterparts and started to cross-breed.  While looking for a new mate, they knew that canine males had large knots and figured that the knot would feel much better inside of them than the barbs would.  Eventually, the domestic cat fems started letting the canine males yiff with them, and for the most part the relationships went well.  The female domestic cats, seemed to like the male foxes the most and formed the strongest relationship with them.  This would eventually cause most foxes on Vulpes today to develop retractable claws (just as a cat would have).
Why they cross-breed
There are two reasons why a male fox and female domestic cat cross-breed.  First of all, there are few evolved male domestic cats* on Vulpes and the female domestic cats still rely on the male foxes to reproduce.  Secondly, the female domestic cats love the feeling of having a fox knot inside of them.
What they offer each other
M Fox: Canine Knot (fox knots are generally "custom-fit" to be comfortable inside a feline female)
F Domestic Cat: Companionship, female domestic cats are more willing to marry a male fox who yiffs her.  In addition, as I mentioned earlier, foxes owe some of their physical traits to cross-breeding with feline females.
Other Information
On Vulpes, Canines and Felines coexist relatively peacefully, thanks in large part to cross-breeding.
End of Act 4...For a sample of a M Fox/F Domestic Cat yiffy relationship, please see Act 4b.

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*: Evolved male domestic cats are a result of unevolved males cross-breeding with vixens (who are much more capable of handling the barbs of the unevolved males.)  The evolved males have several lumps on their penis (similar to the canine knot, only smaller and static), which would feel much better to the female domestic cats now.