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Episode 7-3
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Top 10 Interspecies Relationships
***#1 M Fox + Mousette*** 

Stat Pack: M Fox
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility*
5'9"-6'3" 150-200 lbs Moderate

Stat Pack: Mousette
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility* Avg Litter Size Max. Litter Size
5'-5'4" 90-120 lbs Very High 6-12 20-200+**

The M Fox/Mousette relationship is the most common and one of the oldest interspecies relationships on Vulpes (about 20% of all interspecies relationships on Vulpes are M Fox/Mousette couples).
The origin of this relationship.
Around 3,000 years ago, during the first rat invasion, foxes and mice were among the primary targets of the rats.  At first, the mice formed alliances with the foxes, since they were natural enemies of the rats.  However, the rats were too powerful and many foxes and mice were killed.  Around that same time, a male "fire" fox tried to cross-breed with a pure white mousette to try and create more fire foxes (see Episode 5-2).  After the rats had been defeated, the Vulpines immediately started rebuilding their planet.  Shortly thereafter, many male foxes felt a strong biological urge to yiff with the mousettes.  Since the fox and mouse populations had been significantly reduced, many of the mousettes allowed the foxes to mate with them.  As the years went by, Foxes and Mousettes enjoyed the feeling of yiff, which would eventually lead to a population explosion on Vulpes and the creation of cross-breeds, Foxes (w/mouse characteristics), and Mice (w/fox characteristics).
Why they cross-breed
The main reason why M Foxes and Mousettes cross-breed is because they enjoy the feeling of yiff.  Like all canine males, M Foxes have a knot (which is usually small enough to successfully tie a mousette without hurting her) and have a higher body temperature than mousettes.  Mousettes are very tight (especially young mousettes), they are anatomically designed to hold a male inside them for long periods of time.  There are also some mousettes with vixen characteristics and their vaginal walls combine the natural mousette tightness with the strength of a vixen.  Some M Fox/Mousette relationships are also formed on the basis of family planning, Mousettes usually have larger litters than most vixens.
What they offer each other
M Fox: Canine Knot (ability to tie the mousette, especially if she has vixen characteristics.  Warmer and thicker fur.
Mousette: Higher fertility, velvet-soft fur (ideal for snuggling), a long and flexible tail that can be wrapped around the fox's tail during the tie.
Other Information
Unlike Earth, foxes do not eat (or intentionally harm) mice.  Their natural instinct to pounce on and kill mice has been converted to a natural yiff instinct.  There is little danger for a mousette in a yiffy relationship with a male fox.
End of Act 3...For a sample of a M Fox/Mousette yiffy relationship, please see Act 3b.

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*: See supplement #1 for definitions
**: For almost all mousettes, their maximum litter size is 20-24.  The 200+ maximum only applies to certain white mousettes who are bred by Alpha Golden Foxes.