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The C-Files
Episode 3-7
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ACT 7: A surprise reunion

For 6 1/2 years Melissa worked at the Mouse Hole strip club and enjoyed working there.  Not only was she making lots of money, she was also having her yiffy desires satisfied on an almost nightly basis.  Despite having dozens of fans, and a well-paying job, there was something Melissa wanted for several years that she couldn't have while working at the club, a family of her own.  There were times that Melissa thought about having her tubes un-clipped and letting some lucky male impregnate her.  Melissa had more than enough money to retire and raise a family with or without help from a potential father, and her little sister was almost 18.  However, Melissa decided that she didn't want to have a family that way.  She figured if she was going to have any children of her own, she wanted her mate to be a part of the family as well.
Melissa continued to work at the strip club, scouting dozens of potential mates as she performed for them and/or allowed them to yiff her.  Although almost every single male who yiffed her satisfied her yiffy desires, not all of the males were interested in pursuing a relationship with Melissa (at least not a serious one).  There were a few males (mainly foxes) who seemed to have what Melissa was looking for, but none of them were right for her when she dated them.  Then, one day in late January 3003, a familiar face walked into the club with a few of his friends.  Gen. Michael Sherman and some of his military buddies came to the Mouse Hole for a "bachelor party" for another one of their friends who was getting married in a few days.  At first, Michael didn't want to go to a strip club.  However, at that time, he was still single and looking for a mate.  In addition, he was scheduled to move to Minneapolis next week and knew it would be more difficult to find a mate in Minnesota than on Mason Island.  Reluctantly, he decided to go to the club, because he didn't know how long it would be before he could find a Vulpine female in Minneapolis (even though Minneapolis has the highest Vulpine population of any U.S. city*).
On the day of the bachelor party, the owners of the strip club chose Melissa as well as 5 other mousettes to entertain at a bachelor party in the VIP area of the club.  When she heard that she was going to entertain for a bachelor party, Melissa was more than eager to go out on stage for a bunch of eligible bachelors (just as long as she didn't pick the groom-to-be).  As a part of a bachelor party at the Mouse Hole, each mousette got to perform on stage once and then choose whichever male she wanted for more private shows and yiff (except in the case of the groom, they were forbidden to be yiffed by the groom-to-be.)  In addition, the most popular female among the females chosen for the party (in this case, Melissa) would have the choice of going out on stage first or last (if she went last, she'd have first choice of picking a male to spend the evening with, meaning the best chance of finding an eligible bachelor.)  In the three previous times she had performed for a party group, Melissa went on stage first.  However, this time she decided that she wanted first pick and would go on stage last.  Once it was decided who would go on and when, the party began.
As the five other mousettes performed for their exclusive audience, Michael sat back from the stage to watch from a distance while his five friends (including the groom-to-be) were sitting by the stage, drooling and yipping.  However, it was mating season for foxes (Michael's friends were all foxes), and their behavior was expected by the mousettes.  As for Michael, he felt the need to yiff as well, but his parents raised him better than that.  He knew that he was guaranteed to have a mousette come over to him later on and he wanted to show her that he wasn't just interested in yiffing her.  Before long, it was Melissa's turn to perform on stage.  When she came out on the stage, all five of the other foxes clamored around her while Michael looked at her from his seat.  When he first saw her come out on stage, he noticed that there was something familiar about her.  He felt as if he had seen her before somewhere.  Melissa saw him from the stage, sitting there by himself (thinking he was the groom).  Although she would have preferred to pick a bachelor, she remembered Michael from when she was 16 and decided to choose him (even if he was the groom, which he wasn't).  But before that, Melissa tried to coax him up to the stage (as did the rest of his friends).  Michael was still trying to figure out where he had seen her before as he came up to the stage.  When he got there, Melissa got on her knees and rubbed his facial fur gently, making him purr.  She told him that there was no need to be shy tonight and then kissed his nuzzle.  Afterwards, Melissa got on her back and showed her audience what they could be having for "dinner".  When Michael saw Melissa like that, his natural urges began to kick in and he felt like howling.  But again, gentlefoxes don't howl at random females (even during mating season) and he stuck his hand in his mouth to keep himself from howling and embarrassing himself in front of this familiar looking mousette.  After a few minutes, Melissa's time was up and it was time for all 6 mousettes to choose the male who she wanted to spend the evening with.
As her performance would indicate, Melissa chose Michael without even thinking about it and came over to sit in his lap.  Michael was still thinking where he had seen her before, he had seen dozens of mousettes before (including a few who looked similar to Melissa).  His train of thought derailed when Melissa had a seat on his lap and nuzzled him.  Normally, once a mousette chooses her partner for the evening they spend a few minutes chatting with each other while having a drink before going into one of the seperate rooms for private shows and/or yiff.  However, Melissa knew who Michael was, even though he was still trying to remember and she told him that she hadn't seen him for a long time, while she positioned herself on just the right spot to drive a male fox wild.  Michael yipped when Melissa sat on his crotch.  When Melissa felt how much he was sexually interested in her, she blushed but maintained her composure while she casually told him that it was too bad that he was getting married because she would have liked to be yiffed by him.  Michael immediately corrected Melissa by telling her that he wasn't the groom, and pointed to one of his friends who happened to be chosen by a 19-year old white mousette who didn't have the same composure that Melissa did.  When Melissa heard that Michael was still single, she hugged him tight and begged him to take her to the room now.  Michael continued to become increasingly yiffy from Melissa's constant contact and advances.  He finally decided to act on his yiffiness and give her a gentle lick on the cheek.  Michael agreed to take her into a room for private shows and yiff, but he still wanted to know where he saw her before.  Michael asked Melissa who she was and how he knew her from the past.  Although Melissa was a bit surprised to find out he didn't recognize her right away, she was 8+ years younger back then and knew that he had seen a lot of mousettes while with the military.  She figured that the simplest way to show him who she was would be to take the football card that his cousin (Michael A. case you forgot) had signed for her when she first met him (Gen. Sherman).  She always kept the signed card in her bra after Mike had took her virginity before she started working at the Mouse Hole.  When Melissa took the card out of her bra, showed it to Michael, and coyly said "do you remember me now?".  Michael's jaw almost literally dropped to the floor and then fainted.
When Michael woke up a few minutes later, Michael asked Melissa why the hell she decided to work for a strip club, he always figured her to be a much more reserved mousette.  Melissa explained why she tried out for the club and how she decided to take the job.  When Michael heard that his cousin was her first mate, he fainted a second time.  He knew that Melissa was infatuated with Mike (Mason), but he never thought his cousin would actually yiff Melissa.  When he woke up the second time, Melissa coyly told him that if he was going to keep fainting that the 3-hours was going to be up before they even got to their room.  Michael apologized and told her that it was alright, just a bit too much to take at one time.  A few minutes later, Michael and Melissa went into one of the private rooms and began yiffing almost immediately thereafter.
About an hour and a half later, after being yiffed and tied by Michael twice, she and Michael spent the rest of the time snuggling happily in bed.  Melissa held onto him very tight, she wasn't willing to let him go after what he had done for her.  As for Michael, he enjoyed being with Melissa and would like to spend more time with her.  However, he wasn't sure if she'd be willing to leave Mason City for Minneapolis.  Although he would like to have Melissa for a mate, he wanted her to be happy.  Michael thought about how he was going to ask her to come with him to Minneapolis for quite a while, until just before the three hour time limit was up.  He asked Melissa if she would like to come with him to Minneapolis and be his mate.  Melissa loved the idea of having him for a mate, but she couldn't leave Mason City until Abigail was 18.  However, Melissa did promise that she would come looking for him in Minneapolis as soon as possible and also that she wouldn't allow any other males to offer to marry her other than Michael.  Then she gave Michael one more kiss on his nuzzle before it was time for him to leave with his friends.
As expected, one week later, Michael left to go to Minneapolis as a part of a military group to set up a base in town**.  For several months, Michael spent every night alone in his house that was on the edge of where the new base would be.  Each night, he hoped that Melissa would remember him, but figured that being such an attractive mousette, she might find someone closer to home.
End of Act 7

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*: There are approximately 10,000 Vulpines living in Minneapolis/St. Paul (many hide their true identity by pretending to be human).
**: The main reason why the base was to be set up in Minneapolis is because Mike and Michelle had given $250 BILLION to the Vulpine army to build a base there.  Even though they were raised on Vulpes, they were born in Minneapolis and they love visiting there.  The Vulpine army is defensive in nature, despite advanced weapons and tactical technology.  They will only be mobilized when provoked and they also help out in times of natural disasters.