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The C-Files
Episode 3-6
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ACT 6: Like Mother, Like Daughter (part 2)
Destiny Awaits

Episode 5 Preview #1 of 3

After a couple of hours, it was time for the finals to begin, Melissa and the other five mousettes prepared to back on stage for a second time and then dance with a male of their choice.  Meanwhile, the entire front office for the Mason City Foxes were trying to get Mike to sign a new contract with the team for several more years.  However, in Mike's opinion, they already had two strikes on them.  One for even bringing him to a strip club, and another for bringing him to a strip club that all the dancers were mousettes.  Although he knew that mousettes were very yiffy anyway and he would eventually end up with a mousette for a mate in the future, at that time he was required to have a vixen for a mate.  But as long as he was still single, he could yiff other females as long as she wasn't the first to have children with him.  While the first mousette was on stage, the executives went over to the front stage to see a little bit more.  Meanwhile, Mike sat at the table alone, thinking if this was the example he wanted to show not only all the children on Vulpes, but also to his future sons and daughters.  Once the executives came back after the first mousette went backstage with a G-string full of money.  As soon as they came back they were talking about how much they wanted to yiff her.  By now, Mike had started to become very angry and demanded that they stopped paying attention to the nude mousettes so that he could decide whether or not he wanted to sing the contract.  All the executives immediately stopped fawning over the last mousette and returned to the more important matter...that is until it was Melissa's turn to go out on stage.
As soon as the next dancer stepped out onto the stage, Mike immediately recognized the mousette by her long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and honey-colored fur.  It was Melissa, and Mike's mouth hung wide open and his eyes were as big as softballs when he saw who it was.  But that's not all he saw...on the blacklit stage, with his extra-sensitive vision, there was a small heart with several rays shooting out from all directions around it above her breasts as she danced around on stage.  At that time, Mike immediately knew the importance of that, he had a similar image on his chest that was blacklight reactive (the difference is his was a star with rays shooting out from it).  The marks on their chests represented the sign of true love (in Melissa's case) and hope (in Mike's case).  These marks were only given to certain males and females who have significant natural capabilities and the potential for immortality (more on that later).
Although Mike saw great hope and possibly his future in Melissa, all the executives (unfortunately) knew who she was as well and immediately flocked around her, climbing onto the stage and trying to fondle Melissa.  That was all that Mike could stand, the very big and EXTREMELY angry fox quickly unsheathed his claws and marched his way towards the stage to help her.  When he got to the stage, Melissa managed to break free from the mob of executives and ran towards Mike, then she wrapped her arms around him, holding on tight, begging for Mike to help protect her.  Being a gentlefox, Mike licked her cheek softly and then told her not to worry about it.  Then with all his fury, he snarled and slashed at the over-sexed executives.  Although he didn't want to injure anyone (unless he had no choice) his loyalty was with the sweet young mousette wrapped around his body in fear.  The executives quickly backed away from Mike, knowing that if they got within range of his claws, they would more than likely be severly injured.
The owners of the club quickly came onto the stage to calm down the club.  While one of the co-owners (the mousette) brought one of her robes for Melissa, her mate (a fox) and several police officers quickly arrested the five executives.  Before they were taken to the county jail, Mike told him that he had made a decision and that they could take their contract and shove it up their ass, because he didn't want to work for a bunch of people who would do what they tried to do to Melissa.  Eventually, this would lead to the birth of the Victoria Stars one year later, one of three IFL teams that Mike and Michelle own (they later bought the Mason City franchise after the previous owners were convicted of Sexual Harrassment, and they also own another team that was just created last year in Fox Valley City).  Because of all the security concerns and the damage done to the club as the police and executives fought.  The two owners had to close the club for the evening and cancel the contest.  Mike was quick to offer Melissa a ride home.
End of Act 6

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