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ACT 4: "The first two days"
(Going from 12 to 8)

The next morning, I woke up to find a young vixen in my bedroom, slowly licking me with her warm tongue as she lay on top of me.  I quickly got up from the bed, wondering if I had yiffed and slept with this vixen, (I wanted to yiff with Tammy before I yiffed any other female here).  Laura told me that she just came into the room because the entire group was going to the Victoria Valley mall after breakfast and Tammy had asked her to come into my room to wake me up.  Apparently, this was supposed to help me decide which ones I wanted to proceed further with.  And since I had only been on Mason Island for a few days, I was curious to see what the mall was like.  So I agreed to come along with the group.  But before I got out of bed, I couldn't notice how adorable Laura was while she got up from the bed, she had large blue eyes and long brick red hair, that seemed to go well with her bright orange fur.  I also loved the way that her warm, sweet tongue licked my muzzle when she woke me up.  I started to feel attracted to the vixen cutie and decided to put her on the "Elite 8" list.  When I told her she was on the list, she gave me a big hug and kiss.
Later that morning, after breakfast and a half-hour drive to Trinity (a suburb of Victoria).  We arrived at the Victoria Valley mall.  During the trip to the mall, I learned that Laura had a sister named Katie Lee, she introduced me to her older sister.  And I was surprised to see that even though Katie Lee was a couple years older than Laura, that they looked nearly identical to each other (except that Katie Lee had chocolate brown hair), and Katie Lee was as sweet as her sister.  So I decided to add her name to the list when we got back.
Over the next few hours, I went around the mall with every female for a little while, seeing if I wanted to add any more to the elite 8 list at that time.  I started the trip around the mall with Tina and her 3 young children, although I would personally prefer a female that has no children already, I decided to go around the mall with her anyway.  After all, being a single mother with 3 children must've meant that she was a good mother.  Although Tina was indeed a very devoted mother, her children were extremely hyper and drove me crazy the entire time.  When it was time for me to join another female for a trip down the mall, I thought to myself that Tina was a sweet and loveable female, who obviously could withstand the hyperactivity of her children.  However, I just didn't think that I could be as patient as her, so I decided to leave her off the list (at least for now).
The next trip around the mall was with Gloria, like Tina she was already a mother, having a young male 'roo for a son.   However, unlike Tina's kids, he was much better behaved and seemed to think of me as his "father".  Gloria told me that her son has never behaved like this to any of the other males before.  I thought that it was nice that he accepted me as a father-figure, but I just didn't know what to do.  However, as we walked by a sports bar, the little 'roo looked at a TV that happened to have a Timberwolves playoff game on.  While her son pressed up against the window, with his mom holding his tail to make sure he didn't go into the bar.  Gloria told me that her son liked basketball, especially the Timberwolves.  That was a big plus in my book, because I'm a fan of the T-Wolves as well (since I'm from Minnesota...of course).  I decided that since Gloria was a loving mother and had such a sweet son, I thought that it might be a good idea to put her on the elite 8 list.  Because, if I was going to help a female raise her children, I wanted her children to be sweet, lovable, and friendly...and her son fit every one of those descriptions.
The next female I went around the mall with, the first one that I went around with that didn't already have children was Christina.  At first, I thought that she was extremely cute and I was almost eager to put her on the list.  However, the more I went around with her, the more I DIDN'T like.  The thing that did it for me was that she was a LAKER fan and I HATED the Lakers (or should I say...TRAITORS) guts.  Although I never told her about that, it just upset me that a mousette that as cute as Christina was a Laker fan.  I couldn't just deal with that.  When it was time for me to join Maggie for a trip around the mall, I was relieved to get away from Christina.
Maggie was also very cute and sweet, but she was also very small (more than a foot smaller than me).  She was also very sexy and wasn't shy about her feelings for me.  I took it as a compliment and was starting to look forward to possibly yiffing her, but then I found out exactly how big I really was compared to her.  And even though Maggie was cute and sweet, I didn't want to accidentally hurt her while showing how much I liked her.  So, for Maggie's safety, I decided to leave her off the list and went on to the next female in the group.
As far as the rest of the group was concerned, after spending a little bit of time with each female.  In most cases, I was no closer to deciding the rest of the elite 8 than I was before the day began (Even though I put Katie Lee and Gloria on the list), there were three vacancies left.  It was almost time to head back to the group home, and I was out with Beverly as a part of the last trip through the mall.  On the way back to the parking garage where the rest of the group was waiting, Beverly and I came across a "store" that offered rides and a couple of sample slot machines from a nearby casino.*  Two of the slot machines that were there had a enormous jackpot of $100,000,000.  The only thing was, you'd have to bet $10 for just 1 spin and I was usually a conservative better at the casinos back home in the Twin Cities.  But Beverly had tried this slot machine before and won over $1,000 in one spin, and she convinced me to give it a try by rubbing her nose with mine, she would also try it again.  Being somewhat soft for a cute and cuddly wolf fem, I agreed and thought "Well, here goes 10 bucks down the crapper!"  I put in the ten spot and pulled the handle, expecting to get nothing but a bare spot where a $10 bill used to be.  While my machine was going, Beverly's had already stopped.  It wasn't lucky for her tonight...However, as I tried to explain to her how to do better at the machines in the future, on my machine from left to right, golden 7's started to line up one after another on the machine.  And within moments, I heard a foghorn so loud that it would rival that of the one in the Xcel Energy Center after the Minnesota Wild score a goal.  While I was wondering what the hell was going on, Beverly saw what had happened and told me to turn around.  I looked over at the slot machine, and when I saw that there were five golden 7's in a row, I almost pulled a Tex Avery-esque wild take and then fell backwards out of the chair.  Against seemingly impossible odds, I had won the $100,000,000 jackpot!
A few hours later, I woke up in my bed, with both Tammy and Beverly at my side.  They told me that I had passed out from the surprise of winning so much money that they had to carry me to the car and into the house.  While I was in bed, the manager of the casino stopped by and dropped off the $100,000,000 check, which he gave to Tammy to give to me.  After she gave me the check, I asked her to leave the room so that I can talk to Beverly.  I told her that her love must be a good luck charm and that good things were bound to happen with her around.  Beverly was very modest and acted coyly to my kind words.  Nevertheless, I told her that I was going to put her on my list because if this kind of luck were to happen to me with her around, just imagine how lucky we could be together (not just financially either).  Somehow she knew what I meant by that and gave me one long, warm lick with her tongue before she left the room to let me rest.
By the end of that day, 6 of the 8 spots were now filled, but there were still two left.  The following is the elite 8 list up to this point.
> Tammy
> Lisa Marie
> Laura
> Katie Lee
> Gloria
> Beverly
The next day, I had plans.  I got up early because I needed to talk to Tammy, I was gonna go to Victoria to take care of some business with the check, decide on who else I was gonna put in the elite 8 and get some "surprises" for the entire group.  After I let her know I would be gone for a good part of the day, I went to get dressed to leave when I noticed that one of the females had left her door wide open, as I walked by the female asked if I would come into her room and help her zip up the back of her dress.  I cautiously agreed and entered to find Kenya sitting on her bed with her dress half-unzipped.  I came over to her and zipped up her dress.  While I did this, I became attracted to how sexy Kenya looked, with her goldenrod fur, and brown tipped tail.  I decided that she would be another addition to the elite 8, however I decided not to tell her now, I'd wait until after I finished determining the rest of the elite 8 first.
The rest of the day, I spent the time in Victoria.  The first stop was at the Victoria High-Asset Savings and Loan bank in downtown.  This was an extremely secure building with strict rules, all of the guards in the building were highly defensive True Red "Fire" Foxes.  This bank had a reputation to maintain, especially since their two biggest customers are the two most famous foxes on all of Vulpes.  I put all but $1,000,000 into accounts there, most in a high-interest savings account, with $10,000,000 going to a "family planner" account  (another high-interest account that was specifically created for any future children that a couple may have).  The teller at the bank asked me if I was thinking about starting a family.  I told her, "eventually, but it's not too early to think about the future".  When all the paperwork was done, I received special documentation and an individually-numbered and designed laser ink pen (no two of these pens are alike, making them virtually fraud-proof).  No one could access the money (including myself) without using this pen AND ONLY THIS PEN.  Then after the stop at the bank, it was time to go back to the Victoria Valley Mall for some shopping/thinking.
While I shopped around for gifts for all 12 females and special gifts for Tina's children and Gloria's son, I thought about who would fill that eighth and final spot.  I had a choice of Melinda or Regina.  On one hand, Melinda was cuter and sweeter; but on the other hand, Regina appeared to be more sexually attractive.  I had already chosen, Tammy, Lisa Marie, and Gloria for their sweetness and I figured that I had enough sweetness for now.  Eventually, I made my last decision and I went with Regina.  By early evening, I had gotten gifts for everyone at the group home and was ready to return to distribute them and announce my results (although most of the chosen females already knew they were in).  But before I did, I made one last stop at a store that specialized in wedding jewelry.  I saw a beautiful $50,000 diamond ring that had a central diamond the width of a dime and was nearly 1" deep. and four (slightly) smaller diamonds on a 24-kt gold band.  I bought it and put it aside, for whichever female I chose to be my mate, would have that lovely (and expensive) ring on her finger on our wedding day.
Later that evening, I returned to the home and gave each female her gift. In most cases, it was either a diamond necklace, earrings or a bracelet.  Except in Tina's case, I got her a two-week vacation to a much quieter place than her home...Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I had also arranged for someone to babysit her children while she was on vacation.  A young married couple who had just moved to Minneapolis a few months before, Michael and Melissa Sherman (does either of those names sound familiar?  If not, I'll give you a BIG hint, Melissa's maiden name is Johannsen...figure it out now???)  I had also gotten each of her children a $5,000 savings bond for college later on.  And as for Gloria's son, well I got him an authentic Kevin Garnett jersey, Full-Size Timberwolves basketball and a K.G. rookie card (all signed by K.G. or in the case of the basketball the entire 2003-04 Timberwolves team.)* in addition to a $5,000 savings bond.  Everyone was very appreciative of my gifts, especially Tina and Gloria, who thought that it was very thoughtful to help their children, even though Tina wouldn't be going on any further in the process, it was like her kids had someone (besides their mother) who cared enough about them to help them out in life.
After the gifts were distributed and everyone had settled down, I announced who would be going on to the elite 8.
> Tammy
> Lisa Marie
> Laura
> Katie Lee
> Gloria
> Beverly
> Kenya
> and Regina
I appreciated the other 4 females interest in me, but they just weren't what I was looking for.  Since they had just received some very lovely gifts, that helped the four females that didn't get picked feel better.  And just before they left to go home (or in Tina's case to the airport), each female gave me a hug.  Maggie, however knew why I didn't choose her, and she thought it was sweet that I couldn't stand being her mate if it meant causing her great pain.  She ended up kissing my cheek.  Tina did the same thing for allowing her to have 2 weeks of relative peace from her hyperactive pups, while giving Gen. Sherman and his new mate Melissa (two well-known and caring individuals) to prepare themselves for parenthood.
As for the remaining eight females, Tomorrow would be the beginning of the Elite 8 phase, starting with Lisa Marie (I had already slept with Tammy before).  Then it would be time to pick 4 yiff partners (although Tammy was already on that list in the beginning).
End of Act 4

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*: On Vulpes, all casino proceeds not needed for the operation of said casino go to a Island-Wide Trust Fund for education.
*: Just in case, for some strange reason, that K.G. or the rest of the T-Wolves find this site.  Let me just state that this story is merely a fabrication of my mind and an expression of my 1st amendment rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.  I mean no disrespect in anyway to any one on the T-Wolves.  In fact, I would absolutely LOVE to see K.G. & Co. humble those =Non-Laker Fans, insert your favorite "curse" word here= Lakers.