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The C-Files
Episode 1-5
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ACT 5: "The Elite Eight"

After selecting 8 of the females, it was time to determine which four I wanted to yiff the most.  Because I had wanted to yiff Tammy since I first met her, she was the first female I put on the list.  However, deciding who else I would most want to yiff would be more of a challenge.  During the next week, I would spend the night with a different female each night until I had slept with all eight.  Afterwards, I would decide which four I wanted to yiff with.
I decided to spend the night with Tammy last, since I had slept with her before and I already chose her to go on to the next round anyway.  After thinking about it for several hours, I decided that I would spend the first night with another female that I thought I would like, Lisa Marie.  When it came time to hop in bed, I got into bed and waited for her to join me.  A few minutes later, she appeared wearing her nightgown and climbed into bed with me.  Lisa Marie and I snuggled with each other and nuzzled each other happily for the next hour until we fell asleep together.  Before that happened, I noticed that Lisa Marie was very cuddly and very sweet, two aspects that I would like in a mate.  However, this was just the first night, and there were 6 more females to sleep with before I could decide.
The next night, I decided to sleep with Beverly.  She was one of the more yiffable females in the group.  I couldn't help noticing how yiffy she looked almost every day.  Apparently, she was trying to convince me that she would be an excellent yiff partner (and she was doing a good job at it too).  However, before I decided to put her name on the list, I wanted to see how sweet and cuddly she was, that's why I picked her second.  At first I thought that Beverly would be more yiffy than friendly, but I was surprised at what I discovered.  Although she had wore her transparent nightgown to bed with me that night (again, trying to influence my yiff drive).  Beverly behaved a lot differently than before.  Where in previous encounters she would raise her tail high for me and/or wear clothing that was very revealing, this time she seemed to be more loveable.  Instead of being a wolf fem with a very strong yiff drive, Beverly was much sweeter and very cuddly.  As we lay in bed together she nuzzled and licked me numerous times for nearly an hour before I fell asleep.  The next morning, I felt her nuzzle and tongue on me again as she was trying to wake me up for the new day and another trip into town.  Seeing Beverly behave like she did the previous night made me rethink what I felt about her, I previously thought that she would probably be a good yiff partner but not a good mate.  However, after sleeping with her, I decided to give her another chance and add her to the Final Four list.
Over the next three nights, I slept with Gloria, Regina and Kenya in that order.  During this time I ran into some problems.  Although Gloria was very sweet and loveable, it seemed like every time we tried to snuggle together, her son would come into the bedroom asking for something (I.E.: a glass of water, etc.).  I did want to eventually have a family of my own, and I wouldn't mind raising her son as if he were my own.  Still, it was getting annoying after about the 5th or 6th time in 3 hours he came into the bedroom.  I just didn't know if I could handle that if I had chosen to yiff with Gloria.  As far as Regina was concerned, she was just a little bit too wild for my taste (She got into bed with me completely nude and constantly rubbed her crotch against mine, not that it didn't feel good, she was acting just like Beverly did before I slept with her).  However, as soon as I slept with Kenya, things started to change for the better again.  Kenya was a sweet and loveable lioness, she slept with me in the nude and the two of us laid in bed together all night long and purred softly*, even while we slept.  She seemed like a good potential mate, but there were still the three vixens left to go.
After sleeping with Kenya, I thought I would have my third choice of the four females I would yiff with.  However, Katie Lee and Laura wouldn't go down without a fight.  Both vixens did almost the exact same thing that Kenya did.  But when I slept with Laura, in addition to the nudity and soft, sensual purring she also did what Regina tried to do with me, only gentler and slower.  Laura seemed to be a very good yiff partner and a potential mate, so I added her to the list.
At last, I had reached the end of this part of the process, as Tammy and I relaxed in bed, I went over the list again and tried to decide which of the three remaining females (Lisa Marie, Kenya , or Katie Lee) would I most want to yiff with.  Although I would've preferred to have at least 1 non-canine yiff partner, the prospects of being tied to Tammy, Beverly, and Laura excited me.  I wanted to have an opportunity to tie all four of my yiff partners.  Which meant I would have to eliminate Kenya, despite her sweetness and her apparent yiffiness.  That left just Katie Lee and Lisa Marie.  I couldn't decide which one I wanted to tie the most, so I whipped out a quarter and decided to let it decide for me.  If it were heads, I'd choose Lisa Marie; If tails, I'd go with Katie Lee.  I flipped the coin, caught it in mid-air and slapped it down on my hand.  As I removed the hand that the coin was in to see what it was, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see that it was tails.  Which meant that Katie Lee would be the last female that I chose to yiff with.
The next day when I told the remaining group about the results, the females that didn't get chosen were disappointed (except for Regina).  Kenya and Lisa Marie both hugged me before they left to return home until another male came along.  Gloria understood why I didn't choose her and could see why it would be difficult, she gave me a hug and kiss just for choosing her over some of the other females (especially the mousettes) in the first round.  I gave her some cash to help raise her son and another check for $25,000 to help him when he's older and in college.  Regina just left without explanation, she had thought that she may have come on too strong when she slept with me, which doomed the relationship.
Now that the field was down to four, it was almost time to start yiffing.  However, Tammy and the remaining females wanted to make sure that I was good and ready for them.  So over the next two days, I was constantly fed a diet of Chicken and Dairy Products (guaranteed to make a fox's yiff drive and yiff capabilities increase). Then after this two day period, it was time to start yiffing the four remaining females.
End of Act 5

*: Foxes and Vixens have a small amount of feline DNA, this gives them the retractable claws and the ability to purr.

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