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Episode 4-2
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ACT 2: Country Fox meets City Vixen

After six months of being on tour to damn near every strip club on Mason Island, and a couple of photo shoots for "Foxtail*" Magazine, a young two-tailed vixen named Carol was glad to be on a 1-month vacation from all the strip club, photo shoots and...ahem, co-stars (most of whom were human).  Although Carol was making lots of money (especially since she was a two-tailed vixen), she wasn't happy with her life.  Every male that she had been yiffed by was only interested in yiffing the rare and beautiful vixen.  That's why she went on vacation.  She would spend the entire month of June in the United States (where very few people would know about her) and maybe find a mate that would be attached to her emotionally as well as physically.  She began her vacation in Los Angeles, California and spent the first few days relaxing in the city and visiting the various attractions.  From there, Carol hired a pilot to fly a private jet to some of the other major tourist destinations across the country, including the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore.  By June 23, Carol had visited all of these destinations, and she felt much calmer and more relaxed.  But as she lay in bed that night in a hotel room in Pierre, SD she felt lonely.  Carol wanted to feel someone snuggled against her warm vixen fur, while she would lick her mate softly.  She lay awake until 4 A.M. before falling to sleep.
Later that day (June 24, 2003), Carol woke up to find out that it was almost 1 P.M., she would have to hurry if she wanted to make it to the Twin Cities to visit the Mall of America before going to New York City as the last stop of her tour.  After a quick shower, lunch, and finding a car rental shop, she was on her way down U.S. highway 212 to the Twin Cities.  However, as she was driving down the road, she didn't know that the atmosphere above her was explosively unstable and about ready to spawn some VERY LARGE and DESTRUCTIVE tornadoes on Minnesota and (especially) South Dakota**.  Fortunately for her, by the time the storms blew up in South Dakota, Carol was already in Minnesota (where the storms hadn't even begun forming yet).
By 7 P.M. that evening, Carol had reached the town of Olivia, MN.  While she was there, she thought about checking into a hotel for the night and finish going to the Twin Cities the next day, but the only hotels in town were not very luxurious, and Carol was used to a certain comfort level from hotels.  So she decided to continue to drive down 212 until she got to the next decent-sized town.  About a half-hour later, She was just about to enter the town of Buffalo Lake when a HALF-MILE wide tornado dropped from the sky just a few hundred feet behind her.  Carol was so frightened that she forgot about what she learned as a pup about tornadoes and stepped on the gas towards Buffalo Lake, but the tornado kept gaining on her*.  Then as a last desparate move, Carol turned onto a county road leading from Buffalo Lake and started doing 80 MPH as the tornado began to chew up Buffalo Lake.  As soon as the tornado was safely behind her, she slowed down to find herself on an unfamiliar road.  She got out her U.S. atlas that she has purchased before the trip and found a route that would get her back to 212.  She would have to go down Co. Rd 8 to Co. Rd 10, to get to MN Hwy 19, which leads back to 212.  She started to go down the road cautiously watching the sky in front of her for more tornadoes.  But Mother Nature wasn't done messing around with Carol just yet, When she got to the intersection of Co. Rds 2 & 10, another tornado touched down directly in front of her.  Again, she was too scared to think about what she should do, and immediately turned right down Co. Rd 2.  But this time, the tornado was not going to let her get away so easily.  Finally realizing that she wasn't going to outrun this tornado, she got out of the car and ran as fast as she could towards the only civilization in sight, a farmhouse about a quarter-mile from where she was.  While the tornado was flipping the rental car over and over again, Carol was running at almost 50 MPH towards the farm.  By the time she had got there, the tornado had dissapated and she was completely exhausted (vixens are not designed to run 50 MPH for a quarter-mile straight).  As she tried to catch her breath, the owner of the farm happened to come out of his basement to see what the tornado had done to his farm.  To his relief, the farm was OK, but he saw the very tired vixen not far from where he was and helped her into the basement just before the next Tornado Warning was issued.
While down in the Steel Re-inforced Concrete safe room, The young male fox (Cole) gave Carol some water and made some farm-fresh eggs for her.  Once Carol started feeling better, she told him about what had happened and why she was here (she didn't tell him about her past though...that would come later).  Carol spent the rest of the night at Cole's farm as his guest and offered to let her sleep in his bed while he lay on the couch.  In the middle of the night, Carol woke up to a feeling of lonliness once again.  She wanted to cuddle with someone.  Then she remembered that Cole was downstairs and she decided that she would keep him company for a while.  When she went downstairs, Cole was asleep in the foldaway bed/couch.  Carol just snuggled in next to him and slowly put her tongue to his cheek.  Cole woke up and at first was concerned, but then he remembered about what Carol had just gone through and figured that she was just being nice to him.  So he decided to let her snuggle with him as long as she stayed north of the equator (if you know what I mean ^o^).  For the first time in a long time, Carol was happy, she finally met a male fox who might possibly be interested in her more than just physically.  She continued to lick Cole with her warm tongue for a few more minutes until she fell asleep with her arms still snuggled around him.  Cole lay awake for a little longer, wondering why she was so attached to him.  But as she slept, Carol purred softly, while both of her tails wagged slowly.  However, Cole thought "as long as she stays above the equator and she's happy, I'll let her snuggle with me".  He even thought about giving her a warm lick on the cheek, but he was afraid that he might scare her off.  Carol was the first vixen that had even been in bed with Cole, and even though he had a couple of encounters in high school with vixens, neither of them worked out as well as this one.
The next morning, after both Cole and Carol woke up, they went down the road to find what was left of the rental car (which now looked like it went through a trash compactor).  It was clear that Carol wasn't going to go anywhere anytime soon, so Cole invited her to stay with him for a couple of days.  Cole had planned on visiting his aunt in St. Paul later that week and he could drop her off at the airport on the way.  Carol agreed to staying with Cole for a few more days.
During the next few days, Carol quickly got used to farm life, it was a lot less stressful than being a model, and as they spent more time together, Cole was beginning to feel a strong emotional bond between him and Carol.  That night, Cole and Carol snuggled together in his bed, exchanging warm, friendly licks on the cheek until falling asleep.  But Cole remained a gentlefox and did not give into a growing urge to yiff Carol.  By the time Cole was going to visit his aunt in St. Paul, Carol had decided that she felt a lot better on the farm than she had ever felt at any point of her modeling career, and decided to stay permanently.  Although she had a contract with an adult film studio, a law had been passed a few years earlier allowing any female the right to be released from her contract if she has found a mate and wishes to be faithful to him***.
Once Carol was free from her contract (without incident), she spent the rest of the summer on Cole's farm until Cole finally let Carol know how he felt about her.  Shortly afterwards, in early October, Cole and Carol were married and now live together happily on the farm.
Story continues on Act 2b (located in the C-PRIME Archives group).

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*: An adult magazine sold exclusively on Vulpes (as the name suggests, it is predominantly vixens inside each issue).
**: If you've watched the episode of "Storm Stories" on the Weather Channel involving the Manchester, SD tornado or live in the region, you'll know what I'm talking about.
***: Penelope's Law (Named for Penelope Fox Mason): When her mate (Mike) freed her from her jackass agent, he promised her that he wouldn't rest until there was a law that allowed any female to leave her contract in the case of true love.  Passed in 3001 (2001 earth-time), any person and/or agency that involves modeling of any kind that violates this law is subject to civil litigation and possibly even criminal charges.
*: If you are driving around and a tornado drops from the sky near you DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!!!  Get out of your car and (if possible) find a house, building, etc w/a basement; otherwise, lie flat in a ditch or ravine and cover your head.  DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT take shelter underneath an overpass.