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ACT 3: Belle in the Big City
(Belle's Story)

After living in rural Minnesota most of her life and graduating from Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa High School in 2003, a young mousette named Belle moved from her parents farm outside Brooten, MN to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota.  Ever since her mother (her human mother) was killed in the Granite Falls tornado, Belle wanted to become a nurse.  Because there were very few nursing jobs (and even fewer colleges) in rural Minnesota, Belle needed to change her lifestyle significantly to accommodate the change.

In late August 2003, about a month before the new school year started, Belle arrived in Minneapolis, ready to begin her college education.  Before she had arrived, living arraingments had already been made for Belle on campus with another mousette named Ashley.  Going into the 2003-04 school year, Ashley was a junior majoring in Chemistry.  When Belle arrived in Minneapolis, a couple of weeks prior to the start of the school year, Ashley helped Belle adjust to living in Minneapolis.  The two-week crash course in city life included a visit to the state fair as well as several trips to the Mall of America.  By the time the first day of the school year rolled around, Belle had learned much about the Twin Cities from her roommate.  She still had many things to learn, but Belle had enough knowledge to get by until she could completely adjust to the new lifestyle.

Belle and Ashley remained roommates through the 2003-04 school year, until Ashley's boyfriend (a male fox) proposed marriage to her.  Ashley accepted his proposal as long as she was able to finish her education.  Her fiancee had offered to share his apartment near campus while she finished her education.  However, Ashley knew that Belle wasn't financially able to live on campus by herself and told him that she would only move in with him after Belle could find a new roommate.  Within days, several "roommate wanted" signs started popping up all over campus.  At first, the signs attracted several potential roommates.  However, none of these people would work for Belle (some of them were unreliable, some didn't like the idea of sharing a room with a mousette).  After 2 months of searching, Belle had no new roommate.  Since Ashley thought of Belle as a sister, she wouldn't leave Belle until she had a new roommate.

Exactly one year after moving to Minneapolis, while Ashley and her fiancee were planning their wedding, Belle went to the Mall of America by herself.  While she was at the mall, something was telling her to stop at "Fashions for Furries" (see Episode 3-9).  While she was there, Belle walked by the "maternity" department and saw several females there (including another mousette) with their mates, happy with their lives and anxious to welcome their new children into the world.  When she saw the other mousette being caressed lovingly by her fox mate, Belle felt sad for two reasons.  First of all, like all mousettes, she has a very powerful yiff drive.  Secondly, she needed to be loved by a male, Belle hadn't found a suitable boyfriend since she left home.  A few minutes later, a young male mouse, wearing a $1000 suit entered the store.  It was Stuart Andersen, the owner of the Mall of America store and the oldest son of the founders of "Fashions for Furries".  Unlike Belle, Stuart had grown up in Mason City, MAI.  While he was in high school, his parents taught him to run a business, as they did with the rest of their 9 children.  When Stuart was 18, his parents gave him the deed to the Mall of America store and provided him with a home near the U of M.  On that particular day, Stuart had come into the store to check on how business was there to construct a report to be sent to his parents.  On his way to the manager's office, he noticed Belle looking at the maternity department with unwavering attention.  At that time, Stuart had a job to do and didn't pay much attention to her.  But a half-hour later, after receiving the store's sales data for Spring, he started down the hallway the same way he came in and saw Belle STILL staring into the maternity department.  Stuart immediately sensed that there Belle was distressed about something and decided to help her.  The first thing that Stuart asked her is why she was staring at the maternity department for so long, there was no indication that she was pregnant (and it is pretty easy to tell when a mousette is pregnant, since they are noticeably pregnant about 96 hours after conception).  Belle explained to him that her roommate was getting married and she wanted to have a boyfriend of her own.  She also explained to him that she needed to find a new roommate, because she couldn't cover her expenses by herself.  Stuart knew what Belle was feeling, he also has seen happy couples in his store and other stores and sometimes wished that he could be the male rubbing his loving mate's swollen belly and telling her how much he loved her.  Since Stuart was financially secure as well as emotionally ready for a mate (at 19 years old), he asked Belle to if she wanted to be his girlfriend and live with him at his home near the school.  He had 3 bedrooms in his house that were going unused and knew that she needed a stable place to stay.  Ordinarily, Belle wouldn't rush into finding a new boyfriend, but since she was single, plus the prospects of living in a house sounded better than living in a dorm room on campus, Belle decided to accept Stuart's proposal on a trial basis.  Shortly thereafter, Ashley married her fiancee while Belle moved in with Stuart.

By early 2005, Belle and Stuart had grown very close to each other.  As their relationship strengthened, Stuart was considering proposing marriage to Belle.  Both he and Belle had strong biological urges to produce a family.  However, as much as she wanted to become a mother, Belle also wanted to become a nurse and wasn't sure that she could have a family and get her degree at the same time.  On the other hand, the couple would have more than enough money to raise a family if she decided to marry him.  Stuart eventually did propose marriage to Belle on the first day of Spring and she accepted.  But Belle wasn't willing to have children just yet.  She explained to Stuart that although she had strong biological urges to reproduce, Belle remembered what happened to her mother and why she decided to go to the U of M in the first place.  Stuart understood Belle's feelings and promised that he wouldn't pressure her into having a family if she wasn't completely ready for one.

Story continues in Act 3b (Coming Soon).

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