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Do you want to create your own character, Then fill out this form and send it to me.

You can create a character based on whatever you want, just as long as it follows the following rules.
Name: You can choose you own name if you wish or a different name. (European, American or Asian* in origin only.)
Age: If you are using yourself as the character, the characters age can be no more than twice your actual age.  If it is any other character, you may choose any age you want.
Height: If character is High-school age or greater, the character's height must be at least 4'6" and no taller than Yao Ming (about 7'5").  If younger than this the height minimum will be based on age.
Occupation: Be realistic please, if I see any bizarre occupations I will throw out the form.
Other Information: In order to participate in Yiffy Drawings/Stories, your character must be between 18 and 40 years of age and remember all of my yiffy drawings/stories are M/F or Straight orgy situations.  Weight will be determined by gender, height and occupation by me.
Once your character has been approved, 500 points will be deducted from your account.

Your E-mail Address:
Character Name:
If you chose a fox or a wild cat, please choose one of the following sub-species:
Place of Birth (if you can't decide, then just type "let C-PRIME choose"):
Lives In (if you can't decide, then just type "let C-PRIME choose"):
Other special information (I.E.: Family life, special abilities, talents, etc.):
Your ID:
Your Secret Word:

*: Names of Asian origin are primarily reserved for Pandas

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