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Fill in the blanks (Main)

Game #03-2003
August 17, 2003
All you have to do is fill in the blanks with a response based on the questions asked.
NOTE: Some of the questions have something to do with the characters and/or places mentioned on my websites
Questions in blue text are questions that were largely inspired by the original Match Game.

1. Reality TV has gone TOO FAR!, Cassie walked by a line of people auditioning for the show "Who wants to look like an asshole?". Everyone in line looked like BLANK!
2. Did you hear about the mosquito who accidentally drank beer instead of blood? When her eggs hatched, all of her offspring were BLANK!
3. When the martians landed on Earth, they soon discovered that there was no intelligent life on Earth. That's because they landed in BLANK!
4. Ugly Edna was so ugly..."how ugly was she?"...she was so ugly that whenever she looked into a mirror, a BLANK would appear over her face!
5. At the vet's office at the zoo, A fox was being wrapped up in bandages and being stiched up. While they were busy, the head veteranarian asked his colleagues how this happened. One of the other vet's said that he was trying to catch BLANK!
DOUBLE POINTS: 6. After taking her kids to a movie, Pammie complained to the manager that the movie was inappropriate for her kids. That's because the movie starred BLANK and BLANK!

The answers to this game will be available sometime in October.

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