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NOTE: All remarks made on this page are merely opinions based on what I think.  You may or may not agree with some of the things that I say.  Let me just remind you that you are entitled to your own opinions as am I.  I don't wanna see any e-mails regarding this section that are demeaning in any way.  ANYONE WHO DOES WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER!!!

Cartoon Character Explanation
Miles "Tails" Prower"
Sonic The Hedgehog (all media)
He's a major influence on my creative side.
If it wasn't for Tails, I probably wouldn't be here talkin' about it.*
Vicki Fox
The World of Vicki Fox
She's sweet, kind and gentle.
She is one of the many cartoon foxes that are actually good.
Cute, and about as loyal as your average dog. (That is, unless you make it angry)
EXTREMELY Cute, friendly, and loyal.
If such a creature actually existed, it would put Lassie to shame!
Amy Rose
Sonic The Hedgehog (games/comics)
Cute and friendly. She's (probably) smarter than that blue idiot that she's attracted to.
Bart Simpson
The Simpsons
I love the way that he drives everyone (especially Homer) crazy!
Although he may be a bit slow upstairs. His attitude is very good and his spirit is very strong.
Tom and Jerry
I just love the way that he drives Tom up the wall!
More to come at a later date...maybe

Cartoon Character Explanation
Eric Cartman
South Park
He's a fat, racist piece of shit who needs to learn his ass some people skills and tolerance.
Cotton Hill
King of the Hill
A sexist old geezer who could probably use a few sensitivity courses.
If I saw someone like him harrassing women, I would be all over him like a pack of hungry wolves on a deer carcass!
Beavis and Butthead
A couple of teenagers who have about as much intellect as a piece of lint.
Spongebob Squarepants
A complete and utter RETARD!!!
He's almost as dumb as Beavis and Butthead!!!
Ren and Stimpy
Ren: Has an anger problem, not very chihuahua-like at all.
Stimpy: As dumb as Kelly Bundy (maybe even dumber...if that's possible)
Mr. Garrison
South Park
He's a demented, perverted asshole who should have been hauled away for child endangerment years ago!**
Mr. Burns
The Simpsons
He is so evil..."how evil is he?"...he's so evil that he would make Saddam Hussein look like Santa Claus!
More to come at a later date...maybe

*: On the count that at that time, I couldn't draw worth shit.
**: I am for equal rights for everyone, BUT NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO BEHAVE LIKE HE DOES!!!

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