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NOTE: If ya didn't read it on the other page you'd better go to the other page and take a look.  In other words, behave yourselves and respect my opinions whether or not you agree with them.  I don't wanna see any slanderous e-mails in my mailbox (unless you want to end up being the defendant on Judge Judy if you know what I mean!)

Movie Explanation
The Lion King
One of the few Disney movies that actually showed some creativity on the part of Disney (if you know what I mean...see the zeroes section)
Toy Story
One of the first cartoon movies made exclusively on computer.
American Tail
(first one only)
Very creative and kid-friendly. Capable of teaching kids what Martin Lawrence preached (we can all just get along!)
Secret of NIMH
(first one only)
A classic!, it maybe a bit too grown up for young children though.
The Hobbit
Another classic!, Probably played a major role in the creation of the Lord of the Rings movies.
Snow White
Yet another classic!, the first Disney movie made. Like such movies as the Wizard of Oz or The Lion King, nearly everyone has seen this movie at some point in their lives.
A cartoon movie that is created for more of an adult audience.
More to come at a later date...maybe

Movie Explanation
Most Disney Movies
If Walt Disney and Co. are considered so creative, then how come most of their cartoon movies come from already existing stories, fairy tales, etc.? Although there are a few exceptions. (see heroes section)
South Park (Bigger, Longer, and Un-Cut)
This is one of several movies that I can think of (both live-action and cartoon) that SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE!* I've seen less offensive material than this movie on some of the yiffy sites on my links page!
Beavis and Butthead Do America
Another piece of garbage, although at least this movie has a consistent plot and is not as offensive as the movie mentioned above.
(All movies)
Although I adore Eevee and Vulpix, I don't think there's quite enough of a plot for these movies. (Let's talk about makin' a DBZ movie or somethin' like that. Now THAT would be a kick ass movie!)
More to come at a later date...maybe

*: Examples of movies that should have never been made...
> Jackass
> Dumb and Dumberer
> Most college movies (please, that genre has been done to DEATH!)
> Star Wars episodes 1 and 2
> basically any movie that insults the intelligence of the people in the audience.

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